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Everyday Superheroes

We All Need a Hero The Marvel Cinematic Universe just wrapped up 10 years and 21 movies with Avengers: Endgame breaking all kinds of box office records. I, myself, couldn’t stand not…

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playing the victim

Problem Solving and Playing The Victim

Playing the victim is an easy trap to fall into when faced with the many challenges life brings us.  The problem with victimhood is we don’t always know we’re living…

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Engagement Survey Results

by Sadie Hess When I started in this field over 20 years ago, I worked in the field alongside of many different field staff. I met all kinds: Oversharers. People…

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Resign from The Company Club

By Mary Flom Avoiding the Company Club Recently, I was reading a book that was all about how to write effective phone scripts.  My quest to learn more about the…

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Friendship Stories

This month we have been highlighting different friendships in our Compass Community. Friend relationships are some of the most important in life and we love to see how friendships grow…

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A to Z Caregiver Appreciation Guide

By Mary Flom   I think we can all agree that caregivers are pretty cool.  In our line of work, we call them Life Guides.  Why?  Because they’ve been entrusted…

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Caregiving Super Power

By Aaron Zint I recently set up a booth at a job fair at CSU Chico as part of my recruiting strategies and the number one question I was asked…

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Why I Pursued a Caregiving Career

“I DESIRE TO SEE PEOPLE STEP INTO THE FREEDOM TO FULLY BE WHO THEY WERE MADE TO BE.” What does caregiving mean to me and why have I pursued this…

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Kudos to Caregivers

All of us have been at the giving or receiving end of care in our lives.   Our first caregivers are our parents who start caring for us from the…

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