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All of us have been at the giving or receiving end of care in our lives.   Our first caregivers are our parents who start caring for us from the time of conception and in many ways throughout our lives.   For some of us, having caregivers be a part of our daily routine is…

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Life Hacks for the Busy Caregiver

Here are some handy Life Hacks to make the life of a busy caregiver a little bit simpler:     CAR HACKS It’s a good idea to keep other handy items in your car. A wrap or a sweater because you may find yourself in a cold doctor’s waiting room that day; Sneakers in case…

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6 Tips for New Caregivers

by Compass Staff This past month, we reached out to our staff and asked them, “If there was someone who was starting brand new in this field, what are some things you would like them to know?” We got a lot of great responses to this question and we wanted to share them with you!…

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Career Series | Case Facilitator

In this latest video from our Career Series, Eric and Sadie discuss the position of case facilitator. If you’d like to find out more or apply visit!

Career Series | Uniforms

Too sexy for your shirt? In this vlog, Eric and Sadie talk about uniforms and why they are an important part of our everyday operations here at Compass! Have a fun uniform story or experience? Be sure to share it in the comments!

Compass Careers | Life Guide

In the latest vlog from our Career Series, Eric and Sadie explain what a Life Guide is and what their role is as a part of the Compass Family!

Compass Careers | Life Coach

This is the first video in our new career series! Eric and Sadie share what a Life Coach is and the importance of their role in our organization!

School / Work Balance

by Glory Eshareturi It’s back to school season again and for some students that means transitioning from working a summer job to balancing a job and school. For some it may mean transitioning from high school to college, or just into working life. In any case, we all need to find balance in our lives….

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Managing YOU in a Difficult Situation

by Cassandra Sales, ILS Manager   Recently, I walked into a meeting with 4 other managers over 20 minutes late. Following the meeting while chatting with the other managers, I apologized for my tardiness. I was reminded of the Kevin Hart skit entitled “Deebra.” If you haven’t watched the skit, you really should. It is…

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I Get Paid to Play and Have Fun!

One thing you should know about me is that I love to have fun. Whether I am at the job or hanging with my family or just spending time with friends I like to insert fun into whatever I am doing. Growing up I always had a strong sense of adventure. Backpacking, hiking, traveling, exploring,…

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