Providing services for adults with disabilities.

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Compass started out like a life raft for a group of people who were faced with losing their services. As Compass has grown and matured over the last 25 years, we have found a passion to continue to be a life raft for clients and the agencies that serve them.  Whether you are an agency director looking for options, a Regional Center representative with a particular need, or an industry advocate with questions, we’d love to connect with you and see how Compass can help.

Partnership for us starts with a conversation and ultimately a relationship.

The work we do as providers is critical to the lives of the clients/consumers we serve.  We can help you craft a legacy plan that would ultimately continue the work you started and put your mind at ease.  We are happy to talk to you at any stage of this process whether you just want more information or are ready to talk next steps.  We have helped several agencies with their legacy plan in the last few years.  Check below to see our history and testimonials from community members who went through transition with us.

Ready to connect?  The first step is a conversation with our team.  We would love to connect with you.

Legacy Planning Checklist

Your legacy plan is essential for continuing the work you set out to do.  Download our free legacy checklist to help you understand what is important to you. 

History of Partnerships

ILS Transitions

In 2017, ILS transitions reached out to Compass in a time of need. They were planning on closing their doors but didn’t want to leave their clients without their support.  Through a partnership with ILS transitions, Compass was able to welcome (need # of clients) ILS clients to the community.  This also included several Life Coaches.

North Star

In 2019, we were approached about starting services in Mendocino County under the Redwood Coast Regional Center. An agency in Fort Bragg was going to be closing its doors and many clients needed a plan b.  A family advocate reached out and the conversation started.  We began serving in Fort Bragg in February of 2019.



Not long after our arrival in Fort Bragg, an agency in Ukiah reached out to us about our services as well. We were thrilled to partner with them and open another office in Mendocino County.


After establishing ourselves in Ukiah, we had another opportunity to provide services for clients whose agency was shutting down. It was a quick and smooth transition even in the midst of a pandemic.



Options Supported Living Service is an agency in Sacramento under the Alta California Regional Center.  They became a sister agency to Compass in 2020.  This was a unique commitment that Compass made with Options founder, Paul Wurst, to preserve and honor his legacy.  Compass lends its administrative, strategic, and community strength to the local team every day and we love that this partnership has brought us to Sacramento.

Partnership Testimonials