Providing services for adults with disabilities.

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Our Hiring Process iN 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1.

PHONE CALL: Typically our first interaction is going to be over the phone, whether that’s a phone call, text or email. Our Team Builders want to learn a little bit about you and tell you a little bit about who we are.

Step 2.

INTERVIEW & MATCHING MEETING: We then invite you to a virtual or in-person interview. You will meet with our Team Builders for 30-45 minutes as we discover if there is a “seat on our bus” for you.  The interview process also includes a background check and drug test.  Lastly, we give you an opportunity to meet with your potential client to see if it’s a “match.”  Our client will have an opportunity to ask you questions and you can do the same.

Step 3.

HIRE: Lastly, we make an official job offer and the onboarding process begins!  We offer you  From there, we start the training process.



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Meet Our Recruitment Team

Leslie Henry

Recruiter for Santa Clara and Sacramento Counties


Recruiter for Tehama, Butte, Siskiyou, and Alameda Counties

Sol Villegas

Recruiter for the ILS Team and Shasta County


Recruiter for Mendocino and Contra Costa Counties

Help us help others to be safe and happy in our community.


Our Hiring Seminars are an easy, low-risk way for you to see what we are all about.  It is also a platform we use to speed up the Hiring Process for you and for us.  You will have an opportunity to meet our leadership team, learn about our community & culture, interview, and find out what is available to you.  If you can’t make it to one of our seminars but you are still interested in working for us, email us at [email protected].

**This Hiring Process is for field staff.  Management and office positions have more steps**
**In some rare cases, clients and their family members want to meet potential staff before they are hired**

Upcoming HIRING EVENT Dates

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