Providing services for adults with disabilities.

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We Are Compass

Compass helps adults with developmental disabilities live independently in their own homes through our supported and independent living services. Our staff walk beside our clients offering education on choices and life skills, or companionship and personal care. Our service empowers our clients to make decisions about how and where they live their lives.


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2019 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report


Sadie Hess, CEO
Eric Hess, CFO
Jennifer Bowman

Legal and Labor

Valerie Legg
Todd Clarkson
Aaron Zint

Training and Excellence

Rhonda McGlashan
Dr. Andy Flaherty
Dina Dodd

Marketing and Recruitment

Mary Flom
Tyler Cote
Leslie Henry
Sarah Mabee

Far North Region Team

Josh Flom
Katie Carmichael
Viola Forge
Dmitri Kolpacoff
Dylan Mumford
Cassandra Sales
Vanessa Hogan
Stephanie DiPiero
Brittanie Foster

East Bay Region Team

Alicia Curran
Adrian Salas
Shannon Laird

South Bay Region Team

Amanda Hunt

Redwood Coast Region Team

Michele Gilbertson
Joe Brewer