Providing services for adults with disabilities.

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Rhonda McGlashan

Director, Training and Excellence

As the Director of Training and Excellence, I am excited to partner with Sadie in developing this new department. I joined Compass in 2007 in the HR department. After two years getting to know many of our stakeholders, along with gaining knowledge on the philosophy of SLS & ILS, I knew I wanted to work in operations. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others; to include our clients, their families and the team that supports them. I transferred to operations where I led the East Bay division for thirteen years as the Regional Manager.

With my BA degree from Saint Mary’s in Leadership and Organizational Studies, along with my experience, and support of Sadie and Eric, I look forward to bringing a team together to focus on training and excellence. My journey here has included being a member on the strategic planning team, involvement in staff training development and delivery, assisting with the creation of the CF Curriculum, participation on our initial quality assurance planning as well as being an active member of the executive team. My passion has always included a high level of organization and excellence which lends itself perfect to this new role. With continued focus on training, systems, resources, and quality assurance, I am confident our services will excel and we will be positioned for growth.

In addition to my dedication to Compass, I enjoy spending quality time with my son, family, and friends. Some of my favorite pastimes with them include visiting the city, traveling, watching live sports, reading, and attending local community events where I often run into our clients.