Providing services for adults with disabilities.

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services for adults with disabilities services for adults with disabilities services for adults with disabilities


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Supported Living (SLS)

Our mission in SLS is to help you be safe and happy in your own home and community.

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Independent Living (ILS)

Our ILS program has a simple mission: We help you reach the full and independent life of your dreams.

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Compass Consulting

We like to partner with organizations who are passionate about integrating both person centered thinking and efficiency into their services.

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“Helping other people fulfill their dreams is a lot of fun!”

Our team supports adults with all sorts of disabilities, helping them live freely in the community. Whether it’s as a Case Facilitator helping up to 8 clients, an Independent Living Services Coach teaching someone skills to pursue individual goals, or a Life Guide walking alongside someone around town and in his or her own home, all of our team members experience the joy of assisting someone on the path to a full and satisfying life.  Find more career info here.

STAFF Testimonial

My biggest fear really was if I was going to be able to support my family working with Compass. Sure I started off slow but after a few months it became great. I can support my family and have extra also. Im so thankful I can work a job I enjoy and at the same time have ease of mind financially.

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Full of Passion

By Brittanie Brown Meet Ben I would like to introduce all of you to my amazing client, Ben! Ben is a very outgoing young man who loves to interact with…

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Zest For Life

By Emily Simino Meet Debbie An incredibly fun, intelligent, kind, and hilarious client here in the East Bay! Debbie has been with Compass for three years now and has grown…

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