Providing quality services for adults with disabilities.

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Supported Living (SLS)

Our mission in SLS is to help you be safe and happy in your own home and community.

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Independent Living (ILS)

Our ILS program has a simple mission: We help you reach the full and independent life of your dreams.

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Compass Consulting

We like to partner with organizations who are passionate about integrating both person centered thinking and efficiency into their services.

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“Helping other people fulfill their dreams is a lot of fun!”

Our team supports adults with all sorts of disabilities, helping them live freely in the community. Whether it’s as a Case Facilitator helping up to 8 clients, an Independent Living Services Coach teaching someone skills to pursue individual goals, or a Life Guide walking along side someone around town and in his or her own home, all of our team members experience the joy of assisting someone on the path to a full and satisfying life.

STAFF Testimonial

It is a privilege to be part of my clients life and celebrate every accomplishment, personal dream or goal.  If you want to do a job that gives you meaning  in life as well as great connections with amazing people this is the company for you. Compass encourages the team to recognize and accomplish  dreams and personal potential in their own lives as well as the clients.

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Celebrating S’mores Day!

It’s S’mores Day! Hopefully if you’re reading this you know what a s’more is. If not, here’s a short, informative video: Here are some fast facts about S’mores! Did you know the first known s’mores recipe was published in a Girl Scout Handbook in 1927? At that time they were called “some mores” !   Craving…

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The Importance of Friendship

By Glory Eshareturi National Friendship Day is upon us! Is friendship really that important? We all know what it is like to be lonely, even sometimes while having friends around. In spite of this, there are many positive reasons to have friends in your life. They may be more beneficial to your well-being than you…

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