Providing quality services for adults with disabilities.

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Supported Living (SLS)

Our mission in SLS is to help you be safe and happy in your own home and community.

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Independent Living (ILS)

Our ILS program has a simple mission: We help you reach the full and independent life of your dreams.

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Compass Consulting

We like to partner with organizations who are passionate about integrating both person centered thinking and efficiency into their services.

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“Helping other people fulfill their dreams is a lot of fun!”

Our team supports adults with all sorts of disabilities, helping them live freely in the community. Whether it’s as a Case Facilitator helping up to 8 clients, an Independent Living Services Coach teaching someone skills to pursue individual goals, or a Life Guide walking along side someone around town and in his or her own home, all of our team members experience the joy of assisting someone on the path to a full and satisfying life.

STAFF Testimonial

I like to help people with special needs. I feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day.  (Saane has been with Compass for a long time!  She is one of our pillar staff.  A fun fact about Saane is that her husband Fred also works for Compass.  They get to work together everyday.  We love that!)


Saane H., Team Member since 2008

From the blog:

Embracing Personal Growth

It’s back to school season for many! From little ones starting their first day of pre-school to young adults starting their first semester of college. Of course, there are many outside of those age brackets who do go to school for the first time, or who go back to school for the first time in…

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Seasons of Change

by Glory Eshareturi Summer is coming to an end! With Labor Day having come and gone, the season of fun-in-the-sun is nearing its official end. Don’t worry, there will still be time for BBQs and trips to the pool, but the changing of seasons is unavoidable. It happens every year. Time goes on and the…

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