Providing services for adults with disabilities.

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Christina B. – ILS Transitions

Compass made the transition easier by not only bringing the Instructor over to their company but the clients were given the option to transfer with their current Instructor and continued…

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Mone T. – Ukiah

The Regional Manager was amazing.  She was honest, supportive, and informative.  Her interaction with not only myself but other LG and clients made all feel welcomed. The pre-planning on what…

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Ana Ceja

Anna C. – Ukiah

The new staff and I felt like we were well informed.  Compass was clear about what was in it for us. The communication that Compass gave about what was changing…

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Brewer, Daniel

Daniel B. – North Star

When the last agency shut down, Compass came in like a rescue mission. There were a lot of unknowns among staff and clients. Compass first brought in great staff to…

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Rockey L., Team Member since 2014

My biggest fear really was if I was going to be able to support my family working with Compass. Sure I started off slow but after a few months it…

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Staff-Michele G

Michele G., Team Member since 2008

I never thought I would have a career that gives so much life and power to those I work with. Who would have thought that a few hours of ILS would evolve into full time management and even Employee of the Year? Truly nothing is impossible for clients, staff or those we work with when you give your heart to what you love the most.

Staff-Aaron Z

Aaron Z., Team Member since 2006

This is the best company you will ever work for. It is in no way the easiest job you’ll ever have, but there is a reason I’ve stayed for so long. Compass has made me feel so special as well as appreciated, I truly feel like I am part of a loving and thriving community. It’s a place where they actually care about their employees. And there is room for growth!

Staff-Danny R

Danny R., Team Member since 2013

There are many aspects about compass that I love, but I’d say my favorite part about compass is our compassion to our clients. As a company, it’s very apparent that we put our clients first and support them as much as we possibly can and that is amazing. It also the reason why I continue to do what I do everyday!

Staff-Amanda H

Amanda H., Team Member since 2012

I have never worked in this field before so I was nervous that I would not be able to give clients the right care they deserved. Not only was I able give them what they needed but in turn they taught me many lessons that have impacted my life. I love watching our clients run after dreams and overcome adversity. The pure joy that is expressed through them touches my heart in a profound way. They give hope to those around them that anything is possible. Compass give you an opportunity to change lives and be touched in the process.

Staff-Saane S

Saane H., Team Member since 2008

I like to help people with special needs. I feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day.

Staff-Tyler C

Tyler C., Team Member since 2016

My biggest fear about working for Compass was the unknown. I had jobs in a field completely unrelated to caregiving for the previous 5 years and having no caregiving experience, I had a huge fear of failing. While working in the field, I grew a lot personally and professionally. I built relationships with my clients and was able to encourage and help them grow. When I would get to shift, it didn’t feel like work. I felt I was hanging out with a friend and doing life. My fear never came true and I found I learned a lot about serving and choice.