Providing services for adults with disabilities.

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Daniel B. – North Star

When the last agency shut down, Compass came in like a rescue mission. There were a lot of unknowns among staff and clients. Compass first brought in great staff to help with the transition. Next, Compass did nothing. What I mean is that they didn’t come in to change everything in all the houses like people were worried. Plenty of things were already working, and Compass understood that. Instead, Compass took time to identify team strengths and worked together to build upon those foundations.

I provided care for an agency that practiced person-centered thinking and witnessing so much personal growth in my clients made me want to choose this line of work as my career. Many agencies focus on basic daily living needs, but I needed more. How happy was I to find that Compass not only made it a priority to help our clients pursue their goals but it is dedicated to helping staff as well! Compass offered me paid work and life skill training, and then gave me a promotion for taking them. Now I work in administration. I am still able to serve the same great clients I have for years and many more in a way that best matches my skillset.

Compass creates a truly enjoyable environment to work. We hire the greatest people! The Compass community finds the best way to be supportive and is focused on the strengths and growth of every individual. I feel most proud when I can help someone’s life be better. As a Team Builder, some days that looks like matching an amazing new employee to the perfect client in need. Some days it looks like hiring an amazing person who really needs the work. A lot of days, it’s both.