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Community is about building connection and relationship with one another. It is the opposite of isolation. In community, we take time to have fun, share our hearts, experience new things and grow together. Community gives us purpose and allows us to think beyond ourselves. In that place, we are able to truly be ourselves and make a positive impact on the world around us. Here are a few ways that we foster community.

We believe we can make a positive impact on the world around us!

Community Events

Client Birthday Parties

We love celebrating birthdays at Compass, which is why we have 12 birthday parties a year! If it is your birthday month, you are invited to a special birthday party in your honor! The birthday party dates can be found on our website calendar.

Summer Bravo Buck Event

We give Bravo Bucks away to clients for completing ISP Goals. These Bravo Bucks can be spent at our annual Summer Bravo Buck Event that we host for each region: San Jose, Pleasanton, Concord, and Redding.

Community Retreat

The Community Retreat is our most well-known event! This is the only event that is for our entire community from Siskiyou County all the way down to San Jose. We also open this event to family and friends of Compass community members. We’ve done all of kinds of things together.  We’ve gone to Disneyland, a 7 day cruise, and spent the weekends at the Young Life camp in Challenge, California.  Those are just a few of the things we’ve done.  Check out our calendar to see what we are doing this year!

Christmas Parties

Our Christmas parties are not only a celebration of the holiday, but also an opportunity to reflect on what took place that year. Come join us for food, presents, friends and a Christmas movie! Information on these events can be found at your local office as well as our website.

Corporate Events

Our corporate office is located in Redding, CA. We have a few annual events that take place in this location. Clients from all regions are invited to attend. If you are not in the Redding area and would like to attend these events, contact your local office administration.

Faith COnference

Compass partners with local churches in the Redding area to host a faith-based conference for clients of the Regional Center. No matter your background or faith flavor, all are welcome. This is an event for people looking for personal growth, community, motivation, inspiration, encouragement, and tools for overcoming person struggles.  Check out our calendar for more information.

Compass Prom

If you like to dance, dress up, or hang out with your friends, this event is for you! There is just something magical that happens when people come together and dance! Check out our event calendar for more details.

We have an amazing community that loves spending time together. The events described above are events hosted by our administration. We have also had community members like YOU host events!  We have had Easter Egg Hunts, Light it UP Blue for Autism, Fishing Trips, Fishing & Picnic Days and a St. Patty’s Party.

To stay in the loop with all of our communities activities, use the hashtag #compasscares when posting about our community on social media.

Upcoming Community Events

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