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Service Types

Whether you’re a newcomer to our community or exploring service options for yourself or a loved one, we’re here to guide you through the first steps.  The information below will provide you with a greater understanding of the services we offer.

Supported Living Services

This service is for adults living in their own home who typically need consistent and regular support. Care needs could look like behavioral support, medical care, companionship, person care, community integration and medication management.

  • Living Situation: Lives Independently
  • Minimum # of hours: 250 hours a month
  • Maximum # of hours: 24 hours per day
  • Can Provide Assistance with ADL’s (activities of daily living)
  • Can Provide Medication Administration
  • Can Provide Personal Care
  • Staff can perform task (ex. cleaning) if client is unable


Minimum and Maximum hours are a suggested timeframe based on what is standard within service practices. They may fluctuate based on individual client needs.

Service choice is based on the needs of the individual client at the time of the assessment process.  We recognize that a client’s service needs and circumstances can change over their lifespan.  For this reason, Compass also has an internal transfer process for client services.

Independent Living Services

This service is for adults living independently or striving to do so. We work with the client on ISP objectives focused on increased independence like preparing for a job interview, apartment searching, meal shopping and prep, and navigating community resources.

  • Living Situation:  Lives with family but plans to move out in next 2 years or less
  • Minimum # of hours: 2 hours per day
  • Maximum # of hours: Varied
  • Can Provide Instruction only for tasks that a client is unable to perform (ex. cleaning)
  • Provide Service Instruction for the following objectives: paperwork, recreation and participation, behavior management plans, cleaning, community resource awareness, cooking/meal preparation, safety, housing search, meal and menu planning, money management, parenting, personal health, self-advocacy/communication, sexual health/safety, shopping, time management, and use of medical/dental services

Coordinated Family Support

This service is for adults living in their family home. These services are adapted to the language and culture of the home. The intent of these supports is to assist the individual to develop skills in the home, coordinate and get services delivered, and access their community.

  • Living Situation: Lives with family
  • Minimum # of hours: 10 hours per week
  • Maximum # of hours: Varied
  • Can Provide Assistance with ADL’s (activities of daily living)
  • Can Provide Medication Administration
  • Can Provide Personal Care
  • Staff can perform task (ex. cleaning) if client is unable
  • Staff can support client’s family with tasks such as paperwork 
  • Staff must speak language that the family speaks in the home 


 Compass services are provided in partnership with a Regional Center in your local area.  Your regional center can help you discover what service options are available and provide you with options.  You can find more information about regional centers here.

Your Regional Center Service Coordinator can initiate a referral for specific services requested.  Once we receive the referral, an evaluation will be initiated and performed.  The results and recommendations will then be reviewed by the Regional Service Coordinator.  After services are approved and funding is authorized by the Regional Center, our intake process will begin.

We partner with the following Regional Centers:

  • FNRC: Far Northern Regional Center
  • RCEB: Regional Center of the East Bay
  • SARC: San Andreas Regional Center
  • RCRC: Redwood Coast Regional Center
  • ACRC: Alta California Regional Center
Regional Centers


After we have received the referral packet from the Regional Center, we will set up a meet and greet.  During the meeting and greet, we determine:

  • If Compass services are right for you or your loved one
  • Which service is best

After the meet and greet occurs, we will begin our assessment journey.  This process is administrated by our Assessment Coordinator and managed by our Regional and Program Managers.  We will set up 2-3 in-person or virtual meetings to facilitate our discovery process.

We have some materials to guide you through the process.  It’s important that we get as clear and accurate picture of your needs as possible so we can ensure tailored supports.  Some tools we may use: best day, one-page profile, and other person-centered tools.  We also have other experts that we might bring in to help evaluate needs and resources.

We will submit our assessment paperwork with the regional center.  Upon approval of services,  we will agree on a start date and put a plan of transition together.  Sometimes there are some important things to get worked out like housing or hiring so our timeline and start dates can fluctuate based on the unique circumstances of the situation.