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Taking Things to the Top | Raising a CEO

by Helyn Huffmaster Small Town We lived in a very small town when Sadie was growing up.  So small in fact that we could take a morning outing and walk to the post office, to the bank, to the auto parts store, to our Church, and to the grocery store.  I was a stay at…

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On Raising a CEO | Taking Risks

by Helyn Huffmaster A CEO has to be willing to take risks even when the outcome is totally unknown. Sadie grew up on a farm.  She loved to go out with Daddy and ride on the tractors and harvesters with him.  When she was only about 4 I took her out one day to ride…

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On Raising a CEO – The Right Hat

By Helyn Huffmaster The Right Hat on the Right Head A very important part of a CEO’s job is putting the right “hat” on the right head. Sadie showed her propensity for that at a very early age.  Sadie is the oldest of 5 children.  The 3 girls are each 18 months apart.  The 2…

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On Raising a CEO

By Helyn Huffmaster We are starting a new series today written by Helyn Huffmaster, mother of our CEO Sadie Hess! Be sure to follow along with this series! I have been given carte blanch to write on “Raising a CEO”.  I do feel it will read more like “A CEO Raising her Mother”  But you…

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