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2019 Recap

As 2019 comes to an end, we want to reflect on all of the adventures, the hellos, the goodbyes and all of the change.  Check out the 2019 recap VLOG here.

Lessons Learned | History Series

In this History Series VLOG, Eric and Sadie talk about a lesson that was painful to learn, but that was beneficial in the end.

Dream History | History Series

In this episode of our History Series, Eric & Sadie talk about Dreams and how they became part of our culture (and history!) at Compass!

Growth pt. 1 | History Series

In this latest installment of our Compass History Series, Eric & Sadie talk about what it means to grow! Stay tuned for upcoming videos where they share more on the history of growth at Compass!

Compass Name and Logo | Compass History

In this Compass Vlog, Eric and Sadie talk Compass history! Or should we say C.O.M.P.A.S.S. History? Find out the history of our name and logo and how they’ve helped to shape our organization! Are there other artifacts of Compass History you’d like to know about? Ask a question in the comments!   Check out all…

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Disneyland Anniversary VLOG

In this VLOG, the entire Hess family shares with us their love of Disneyland and it’s special connections to Compass!

Work Life Balance [Part 1] | Question Series

In this video, Eric and Sadie discuss how they balance Compass life and their home life! Eric and Sadie answer the question in both a philosophical and practical sense. This is Part 1 of 2. Stay tuned for part 2!

What You Wouldn’t Guess About Eric & Sadie – VLOG

In this VLOG as part of our Question Series, Eric and Sadie answer the question, “What is something about you that most people wouldn’t know?” Be sure to send in your questions by clicking the button below the video! To see more VLOGs, check out our channel here.

Compass Scorecard | VLOG

In this very quick, brief vlog, Eric and Sadie talk about the Scorecard! They explain what it is and what that means for Compass as a company, as well as some of the practical ways we are putting this tool to use in 2018.