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The Compass Renaissance // VLOG Update #7 with CEO & CFO

HEY ILS DEPARTMENT! We haven’t forgotten about you!  Here is the latest Renaissance update just for you! Compass is going through a Renaissance, find more info about that here.  You can also go check out Renaissance Post #2, #3, #4,  #5 and #6.

Compass Renaissance // V-LOG Update #4 from CEO & CFO

RENAISSANCE V-LOG UPDATE #4 Here we are with the 4th installment of Renaissance V-Log Updates.  If this is the first time you are hearing about Renaissance, you can watch Eric and Sadie’s previous Renaissance Post’s 1,2 & 3.    In this update, Eric and Sadie talk about the SLS Supervisor position, formerly known as the…

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The Compass Renaissance // V-LOG Update #2 with CEO & CFO

RENAISSNACE V-LOG UPDATE #2 It’s time for another Renaissance update.  If you are just tuning in to this process, don’t start here…go to the first V-LOG here and then come back.   This update is going to focus on the Case Facilitator Position and what it will look like in the future.  Keep in mind that…

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What’s Inside

    “‘If I were to squeeze this orange as hard as I could, what would come out?’ I asked a young man having a hard time this morning. He looked at me like I was a little crazy and said, ‘Juice, of course.’ ‘Do you think apple juice could come out of it?’ ‘No!’…

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Hydrated and Happy

            “When your body doesn’t have what it needs, it lets you know.”   Did you know if you are irritated, confused, tired, constipated, have strong food cravings or a headache you may be dehydrated? When your body does not have what it needs, it lets you know. Of course…

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Why I Started Compass

        Many of you have heard various versions of my journey that brought us to this place. I plan on taking this year to tell you all the major milestones of this journey, as we celebrate our 20th year in business. But today I start at the beginning. My beginning was as…

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All of us have been at the giving or receiving end of care in our lives. Our first caregivers are our parents who start caring for us from the time of conception and in many ways, throughout our lives. For some of us, having caregivers be a part of our daily routine is essential for…

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California DD Community Makes Some Noise on 12.10

We are super honored to be a part of a community that stands together to support one another as we all try and deal with the rising budget crisis!  We have been impressed by our own community as well as the community state-wide.   This year has definitely confirmed some things we already knew to…

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Why I Pursued a Caregiving Career

“I desire to see people step into the freedom to fully be who they were made to be.” What does caregiving mean to me and why have I pursued this line of work?  I have a passion to help people step into their freedom, whether it’s freedom from the limitations of a disability or from…

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Caregiving Super Power

I recently set up a booth at a job fair at CSU Chico as part of my recruiting strategies and the number one question I was asked by college graduates was, “What degree do you need to be in this field/industry?” And I would tell them, “Honestly, the type of degree or even a degree…

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