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Jeff’s Inspiring Health and Wellness Journey

By Jeff Gant, Compass Life Guide 3

On August 24th, 2022, I went to the doctor. I was 387 lbs and despite being on 2 blood pressure medications, my BP was still at stroke level. I chose right there and then to make the changes to live.

Lifestyle Changes

I never say I went on a diet. Diets are too easily broken. I made whole lifestyle changes. I changed what I ate and portion sizes of what I eat. This was the only change for the first month. I found it extremely important to take things in stages.

The Game Plan

I started meeting with a counselor and made myself a game plan. I lost 50 lbs the first month just by lowering my calorie intake. Month 2,  I made a goal of 1000 steps a day, when I completed that daily and felt good I went to 1 mile a day of straight exercise. Month 3 through 5 I stayed on meal plans and made 6000 steps per day. By December of 2022, I was down 95 lbs . It truly helped I found my support person. My friend Stevie walks with me every day and we hold each other accountable to our goals .

Loving Myself

Since February of 2023 until now, our walking group has grown and shrunk, and then grown again. Being consistent with myself has been where I am . Also when things happen outside of my control, to be forgiving of myself and love me enough to start back again the next day.

The Ultimate Experience

This last August I had been reaching my goal of health and had lost enough to meet my second goal of going skydiving. I was blessed to have so many love and support me in this dream. Eric, Mone, Tyler and Stevie went with me and so many others, not only from Compass but literally around the nation, supported me and prayed for me daily.

Next Goal

As of March 2024, I am walking 5 miles every day and still eating right. My weight has gone down 160 lbs in 18 months. Everyone gives me credit but I give so much credit to the love and support of my friends and family, both work and blood family. I couldn’t do this without all the love and support from all of them. My next goal is to hike as many volcanos in Northern California as I can in this coming year.

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