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Client Stories: Danny V.

We are excited to start posting some blogs of our client’s stories and their lives. Our clients are some of the most incredible people and it is an honor for us to play a part in their stories! Danny V. has written up this blog to share his journey with us. He has a passion…

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Lessons Learned | History Series

In this History Series VLOG, Eric and Sadie talk about a lesson that was painful to learn, but that was beneficial in the end.

Janice’s Free Little Library

Connection The weekend is such a glorious time. We can rest, get caught up, adventure or do anything we want to rejuvenate ourselves. Until one minute you blink and it’s not Friday anymore it’s now 7pm on a Sunday and you’ve binge watched Netflix, know all the latest Facebook drama, and did absolutely nothing productive….

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Josiah & Butteville Elementary

By Jeni Cheffey Some of you may know Josiah, and if you haven’t met him I sure hope you all have the opportunity to get to have a conversation with him. He is full of knowledge, he  is charismatic and one of the most talented artist you will meet. After spending some time with Josiah,…

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Dream History | History Series

In this episode of our History Series, Eric & Sadie talk about Dreams and how they became part of our culture (and history!) at Compass!

Market Street History

by Sadie Hess Sentimental Man, do I hate moving!  It is always quite depressing to see the items you have accumulated over a short period of time.  I happen to be a very emotional person, so there are usually a few boxes (yes, I said boxes!) of items labeled “sentimental”.  And my Compass life is…

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Visit to Australia | Compass Stories

by Michael D. Help I remember distinctly the day that a Case Facilitator called me and asked for some help with a client. The request was pretty simple; the client (we’ll refer to her as Sheila) had not been doing too well lately and needed some “strong manly” physical lifting assistance to help transfer. She lived…

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A Balloon in a Sword Fight

Touch Conversation I felt like a balloon in a sword fight yesterday.  Everywhere I went, everyone I encountered was negative, rude and incredibly self-loathing. By about 10:00 am, I was pretty much ready to throw in the towel on the whole “trying to be positive” thing. Then I had to have a pretty tough conversation…

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My Story: Jessica The Noble

At Compass, we are fortunate to have some amazing team members.  One of those team members is our friend Jessica.  Today, we get to learn about her journey to Compass in this installment of “My Story.”  Meet Jessica the Noble. Thinking Outside the Box Thinking outside the box has always been in my DNA, and…

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