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Courage over Corona

Courage Over Corona

Written by Cassandra Sales “Keep your face to the sunshine and you can never see the shadow.” – Helen Keller The Light Shines the Brightest Courage is strength in the face of adversity. It is the ability to see everything going on in the world right now and not allowing it to affect your joy….

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Finding the hidden treasures

Finding The Hidden Treasures

By Cassandra Sales  Hallmark Movies Christmas season has passed and if you are anything like me, you binge watched just about every Hallmark Christmas movie ever made.  They all have the same plot.  Fancy city girl goes back to her small home town and ends up falling in love with the boy next door.  Those…

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2020 Vision | Seeing Each Other As Never Before

By Sadie Hess Changing Seasons I love changing seasons.  I love soup in the winter and salad in the summer.  I love tidying in spring and organizing in fall.  Such a lovely rhythm to it all.  But if you know me, you must know that my favorite season is the beginning of the year!  Oh,…

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Compass in Redwood Coast!

by Melanie Anderson Compass is very excited to introduce you to our newest region: Redwood Coast.  As of this writing, Compass is serving 5 people in Supported Living in Fort Bragg funded by Redwood Coast Regional Center.  Compass intends to begin providing ILS services soon as well.   If you have ever been to Fort…

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Janice’s Free Little Library

Connection The weekend is such a glorious time. We can rest, get caught up, adventure or do anything we want to rejuvenate ourselves. Until one minute you blink and it’s not Friday anymore it’s now 7pm on a Sunday and you’ve binge watched Netflix, know all the latest Facebook drama, and did absolutely nothing productive….

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The Social Media Connection

By Aaron Zint #ifyoucanreadthissentencethenyouareprobablyusedtoreadinghashtags Grounded in a Hurricane Your connection with other people will keep you grounded in a hurricane, whole on the chopping block and sane in a crazy world. A hundred years ago our friend options were confined to our family circle or the fifteen square miles around us. Cars and phones expanded…

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Resign from The Company Club

By Mary Flom Avoiding the Company Club Recently, I was reading a book that was all about how to write effective phone scripts.  My quest to learn more about the world of sales led me to this niche topic.  What was interesting to me was one of my bigger takeaways had little to do with…

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Friendship Stories

This month we have been highlighting different friendships in our Compass Community. Friend relationships are some of the most important in life and we love to see how friendships grow in our very own Compass Community! We’ve asked some of our staff for stories about their friends at work and today we wanted to share…

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Loyal Friends at Work

Because of Valentine’s day, many people celebrate love in February. We wanted to highlight and celebrate friendship! Everyone should have friends who love them, because friends make life rich! We’ve asked some of our staff and clients to reach out and share about their friends! In this blog, Julie shares about her friend Zandee! Loyal…

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