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Hey, I have a dream

Hey, I Have A Dream

By Sadie Hess, Founder, and CEO “Hey, I have a dream, and let me know if you want to come along?”  My sister-in-law casually asked me while we watched my…

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What brings you joy

What Brings You Joy

By Sadie Hess What brings you life?  What brings joy?  People ask these questions as if the answer should be on the tip of my lips and something I inherently…

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choose great

Choose Great

By Sadie Hess, Founder, and CEO  Empty Tank The tank is empty.  In more ways than one, or two, even five.  We are tired, we have less to show for…

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25 Year Milestone


By Sadie Hess, Founder and CEO 25 Year Milestone As many of you know, I started this company when I was 23 years old, so it seems impossible to believe…

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Training and Excellence

Training and Excellence

By Sadie Hess, Founder and CEO Something BIg We are in the process of doing something big!  (Something we haven’t done in about 15 years here at Compass.)  We are…

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Courage over Corona

Courage Over Corona

Written by Cassandra Sales “Keep your face to the sunshine and you can never see the shadow.” – Helen Keller The Light Shines the Brightest Courage is strength in the…

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Finding the hidden treasures

Finding The Hidden Treasures

By Cassandra Sales  Hallmark Movies Christmas season has passed and if you are anything like me, you binge watched just about every Hallmark Christmas movie ever made.  They all have…

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Staring at the sun

Staring into the Sun

By Aaron Zint Road Trip Entertainment It was 1990-something and I was riding along as a bored 7-year-old in the front seat of my family’s minivan on a road trip….

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Dream History | History Series

In this episode of our History Series, Eric & Sadie talk about Dreams and how they became part of our culture (and history!) at Compass!

The Social Media Connection

By Aaron Zint #ifyoucanreadthissentencethenyouareprobablyusedtoreadinghashtags Grounded in a Hurricane Your connection with other people will keep you grounded in a hurricane, whole on the chopping block and sane in a crazy…

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