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Compass Culture | Dream Culture

When was the last time you pursued a goal personally or professionally? Whether it was 2 decades ago or 2 days ago, it’s never too late to go after your dreams.  This week, Eric and Sadie talk about the Dream Culture at Compass and why it’s so important for our community.   To watch the…

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Compass Culture | Money Ball

This week, as part of our Culture Series, Eric and Sadie are talking about the term Money Ball.   In this installment, you will learn about the secret ingredient that makes our Compass teams function well.          To watch the full Culture Series, go here.

Compass Culture | The Scorecard

This week, as part of our Culture Series, Eric and Sadie are talking about the Compass Scorecard.  Our scorecard is the method we use to keep track of our goals and metrics for the year.  Questions, about the Scorecard?  Leave them in the comments below.       To watch the full Culture Series, go…

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Compass Culture | Strategic Thinking

We are kicking the new year off with a series called Compass Culture.  In this first VLOG, Eric and Sadie talk about Strategic Thinking.   Leave your questions, comments and silly emojis in the comments below!   To watch the full Culture Series, go here.

A Balloon in a Sword Fight

Touch Conversation I felt like a balloon in a sword fight yesterday.  Everywhere I went, everyone I encountered was negative, rude and incredibly self-loathing. By about 10:00 am, I was pretty much ready to throw in the towel on the whole “trying to be positive” thing. Then I had to have a pretty tough conversation…

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Gratitude: The Art of Thankfulness

Pain and Loss Even though my parents raised my siblings and myself to be thankful for our many blessings, I did not truly understand the concept of gratitude until I traveled through the pain and experience of loss. When I was a teenager, my Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I knew it was serious…

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The Resilient Response

Just like we have the power to choose our attitudes we also have the power to to choose what we empower “I don’t fix problems. I fix my thinking then the problems fix themselves.” ~Louise Hay Much of the pain you are dealing with are really just thoughts…ever think of that? If what you are…

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I am a Lighthouse

Sometimes, especially in this field, we watch as clients,or even some coworkers, make unsafe or what we view as bad decisions. It can be hard to watch especially if it is a recurring cycle. You aren’t here to save anyone. I have to remind myself of that daily. I wasn’t brought into their life to…

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Learning Language

Incredibly Smart My son, Hunter, is incredibly smart.  I’m not saying that because I’m his mom.  I’m saying that because he went into kindergarten readying at a 2nd grade reading level.  He has always been ahead of his class and does reading and math in one to two grades higher than his. I would love…

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Connection in Communication

Communication. Communication.  This one word is so powerful and we all know how it can dictate outcomes, affect the quality of our lives and how it can make us feel. There is a lot of research on communication.  Even though many of us have had training on the topic of communication, it still feels like…

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