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6 Tips for New Caregivers

by Compass Staff This past month, we reached out to our staff and asked them, “If there was someone who was starting brand new in this field, what are some things you would like them to know?” We got a lot of great responses to this question and we wanted to share them with you!…

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Living in Season

By Melissa Mowat Have you ever noticed how often people say things like: “I feel this is my season to grow in this area…” or “I’m ready for a season of change in my life.”  You can interchange “life” with: job, location, relationships, etc.  You know you’ve heard them all. Just as the natural world…

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PTSD Awareness

by Melanie Anderson Over the years in my work supporting people, I have seen the diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) frequently in referral packets and case files.  I have researched the topic to include it in a training on how to respond to people when they are in crisis.  I have read many…

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Languages of Appreciation

By Aaron Zint Imagine a Brazilian man who only speaks Portuguese, is trying to say, “I love you very much!” to a Chinese woman who only speaks Mandarin. She will probably have no idea what he is talking about and may even be frightened by the demonstrative way he’s saying it, if he’s anything like…

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Point Positive: Person Centered Thinking

by Melanie Anderson Having a great hair stylist is pretty important. I had the same stylist for many years and when I moved to a new area, I dreaded the trial and error of finding a new person.  In 5 years, I never found a stylist that really worked for me and it actually caused…

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Send in Your Questions

Eric and Sadie want to hear from you! Comment below with your questions or send a video comment and your question may be answered in the next video!

An Evening with Temple Grandin

By Aaron Zint On February 22, 2018, I got to geek out and see a real-life celebrity in person at the Cascade Theater, right here in Redding, California. Compass saved a block of seats and I was in the second row; so close I could see the lines on her face, the detailed embroidering on…

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Compass Values: Excellence

by Cassandra Sales One of the greatest aspects of Compass is our values list. I say, ours, and not theirs because the moment you become a part of Compass you are indeed the living embodiment of the company. I could write about each and every value and the importance of them. However, one that stands…

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Dreaming in the New Year

Dreaming in the New Year By Glory Eshareturi   Dreams. Direction. Destiny. If you’ve been around Compass for any amount of time, I’m sure you’ve heard those words, in that order. It’s sort of the mission statement around here. For Staff, that often looks like finding out what a Client dreams of doing, helping them…

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Grandma’s Cheese Ball & Other Thoughts on Holiday Traditions

by Mary Luft For the majority of us, when we think of the holidays, various traditions and thoughts come to mind.  You probably fall in one of the following camps:   Mr. or Mrs. Christmas Cheer: You love the holiday season more than you love breathing.  In your mind, Thanksgiving is your cue to start…

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