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Engagement Survey Results

by Sadie Hess When I started in this field over 20 years ago, I worked in the field alongside of many different field staff. I met all kinds: Oversharers. People just biding their time. Excellent, caring individuals. And the worst type: bitter people. Gallup will call these individuals actively disengaged. Disengaged just aren’t sure yet….

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Friendship Stories

This month we have been highlighting different friendships in our Compass Community. Friend relationships are some of the most important in life and we love to see how friendships grow in our very own Compass Community! We’ve asked some of our staff for stories about their friends at work and today we wanted to share…

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Loyal Friends at Work

Because of Valentine’s day, many people celebrate love in February. We wanted to highlight and celebrate friendship! Everyone should have friends who love them, because friends make life rich! We’ve asked some of our staff and clients to reach out and share about their friends! In this blog, Julie shares about her friend Zandee! Loyal…

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Braille History & Fun Facts

January is braille Literacy Month! We thought it would be a great opportunity to share some of the history and fun facts about braille! Braille was invented by Louis Braille. He was born in France in 1809. When he was three years old, he was playing with some tools in his father’s workshop. While playing,…

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How to REALLY Achieve Your Goals

by Aaron Zint Have you ever had a really great idea, but the demand of your normal life kept you from making it happen? Join the club. This is a problem not just in our personal lives but in the business realm as well, and the book The 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX) was written…

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Why We Love Underdogs

by Mary Flom Do you have a favorite Underdog movie?  A few classics come to mind… “Rudy” The story of Daniel Rudy Ruettiger whose life dream was playing football at the university of Notre Dame despite significant obstacles. “The Karate Kid” A bond forms between a martial arts teacher and a boy who is being…

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Emotional Health & Finances Pt. 3

In this final video of our finance series our Payroll Coordinator Aaron talks about the importance of loving ourselves when it comes to our finances. Check out the whole series here.

Life Lessons from Winnie the Pooh

By Glory Eshareturi October 10th is Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day and it got us thinking, who is the most famous teddy bear we know and what kind of life lessons can we learn from him? Today we are sharing some life lessons from Winnie the Pooh and his friends in the Hundred…

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Day of the Deaf

by Melanie Anderson Deaf Awareness Week September 24, 2018 is the start of Deaf Awareness Week and during the month of September, many organizations hold activities to celebrate and to educate people about deafness. Companies and agencies often mark the event, and schools, colleges, and universities hold awareness events. Amusement parks, such as Six Flags…

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Seasons of Change

by Glory Eshareturi Summer is coming to an end! With Labor Day having come and gone, the season of fun-in-the-sun is nearing its official end. Don’t worry, there will still be time for BBQs and trips to the pool, but the changing of seasons is unavoidable. It happens every year. Time goes on and the…

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