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Justin’s Inspiring Journey

By Emma Norton

Meet Justin! He is a vibrant, energetic, and adventurous individual in the San Jose region, who has been enjoying Compass’s Supported Living Services for the past eight years. Justin’s journey with SLS has been nothing short of remarkable, characterized by his love for adventure, creative pursuits, and personal growth. With the unwavering support of Justin’s family and Compass team, he has made significant strides towards independence and personal growth.

Self-improvement Journey

Over the past year, Justin embarked on a journey for self-improvement by actively participating in household chores, and eagerly exploring new avenues of learning. Through swimming lessons and reading sessions, he has embraced the opportunity to acquire new skills, while demonstrating remarkable resilience in adapting to changes in routines. Looking ahead, Justin has set a meaningful goal for the upcoming year—to learn how to independently prepare a full meal. With the guidance and support of his team and family, Justin is confident in his ability to achieve this milestone.

The Great Outdoors

Justin adores his lively and colorful home, but his true spirit finds solace and inspiration in the great outdoors. Fueled by an adventurous nature, he eagerly embraces outdoor escapades during the day such as hiking, biking, and scenic drives. Afternoons are spent coloring and enjoying time with friends at Mission Bay Day Program. Justin loves to end his day by sipping on a refreshing cup of lemonade, reminiscing with staff about cherished memories of family members, and playing his favorite Ritchie Valens hits in the background.

Great America

Among the many cherished memories Justin creates, his visits to Great America with his family hold a special place. These experiences not only offer moments of exhilaration but also provide opportunities for him to forge connections, nurture his social skills, and revel in the joy of shared adventures.

Growth and Resilience

Compass takes immense pride in Justin’s remarkable progress over the past year, celebrating his growth, resilience, and unwavering spirit. His radiant energy, passion for exploration, and progress towards personal development serve as an inspiration to everyone around him.

A Shining Example

Justin’s passion and determination are a shining example to us all. We eagerly anticipate the incredible milestones that he will continue to achieve on his journey with Compass!


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