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On Raising a CEO – The Right Hat

By Helyn Huffmaster

The Right Hat on the Right Head

A very important part of a CEO’s job is putting the right “hat” on the right head.

Sadie showed her propensity for that at a very early age.  Sadie is the oldest of 5 children.  The 3 girls are each 18 months apart.  The 2 boys came along a bit later.  When Sadie was 3 years old her sisters were 18 months old and about three months.  One day I had the baby propped up on the couch and went into the other room for a minute.  When I came back Sadie had gone into my kitchen cupboards and appropriated 3 smallish graduated Tupperware bowls.  She had assessed the situation and put the smallest on the baby’s head, the middle sized on our middesized’s

head and the largest on her head.  They were all perfect fits. —- As a side note, these were the nicknames for the 3 of them, My husband is really big on nicknames.  They are not necessarily imaginative!  They were Biggo, Middlesized and Small, among many others, too numerous to mention.  At first I did not like all the nicknames but then I read a Chinese proverb that said “A child that is loved has many names”.  So true!  But mine were more like
“sweetie”, “honey”, etc.

I do believe that Sadie is very good at finding the right person for the right job.  She has also put many trainings in place that help you to know yourself better, know your strengths and your abilities.  She is as “present” as she can be, even with a very busy schedule, so as to be available to the 300+ employees and to get to know everyone for promoting to just the right positions.  So if you think you are being watched, it is probably true, smile, wave to the camera and put in for that promotion.  (NO, we don’t REALLY have cameras at work!!!)

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