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Better Access

By Sadie Hess What Did You Learn Well, here we go!  Communicating more.  I was recently in an interview and the individual said she read my blog.  What?!  People actually…

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A Bright 2014!

By  Sadie Hess Ready For It To Be Over Wow.  Can you believe 2013 is over?!  I can.  I was ready for it to be over a few months ago! 😉 …

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Saving and Changing Lives

One of Those Moms Let me take a moment to be “one of those moms”.  Pictured here is my eight year old son and his friend, Delany .  Ryan did not…

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Reflections on Falling

Hamlet famously uttered the immortal phrase: “To thine own self be true”.  These timeless and significant words have recently taken on an even deeper meaning and value for my life. A Huge Secret I am going to share…

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