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A Bright 2014!

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How my family felt at the end of 2013

By  Sadie Hess

Ready For It To Be Over

Wow.  Can you believe 2013 is over?!  I can.  I was ready for it to be over a few months ago! 😉  2013 was probably the most difficult year in Compass’ history.  Many of you know in 2013 we have had more than our fair share of adversity.  Eric said that it would be a year of war and boy was he right!

Oh, this is supposed to be quippy and fun to read?  Moving on….

I am ready for 2014!  I believe with all of my heart, 2014 is going to be bright!  I am so excited about new wonderful initiatives and ideas we will be rolling out this next year.  So, stay tuned.

My Thoughts

I want the team to have the opportunity to hear what is going on in my head and in the organization as we brace for a year of improvements and growth.  I am going to try to blog a bit more frequently in 2014.   I have always “thought” I communicated with the Compass family to find out much goes unsaid and remains right there:  my thoughts.  I guess I struggle with the desire to only write when I can be profound or “pithy”.  So, this year, you will get my frequency more than my wit!


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