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Dream History | History Series

In this episode of our History Series, Eric & Sadie talk about Dreams and how they became part of our culture (and history!) at Compass!

Engagement Survey Results

by Sadie Hess When I started in this field over 20 years ago, I worked in the field alongside of many different field staff. I met all kinds: Oversharers. People just biding their time. Excellent, caring individuals. And the worst type: bitter people. Gallup will call these individuals actively disengaged. Disengaged just aren’t sure yet….

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Carr Fire Article

This is an article written by our CEO, Sadie Hess, on the Carr Fire. It was originally written for our Compass Newsletter. Carr Fire Do you ever get an assignment you are dreading?  I know you all think that I lead the organization, but all good leaders also know how to follow.  So, because Mary…

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Community Retreat Wrap Up!

In this latest Compass VLOG, Eric and Sadie wrap up our Community Retreat for 2018. Sadie shares on why retreats are so important for our community and gives us a sneak peak into what we can look forward to next year!

Market Street History

by Sadie Hess Sentimental Man, do I hate moving!  It is always quite depressing to see the items you have accumulated over a short period of time.  I happen to be a very emotional person, so there are usually a few boxes (yes, I said boxes!) of items labeled “sentimental”.  And my Compass life is…

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Compass Scorecard | VLOG

In this very quick, brief vlog, Eric and Sadie talk about the Scorecard! They explain what it is and what that means for Compass as a company, as well as some of the practical ways we are putting this tool to use in 2018.

Send in Your Questions

Send in Your Questions

Eric and Sadie want to hear from you! Comment below with your questions or send a video comment and your question may be answered in the next video! Watch this video to find out Eric’s secrets on how he stays so skinny!

2017 End of Year Recap | VLOG Series

In this video from our VLOG series, Eric and Sadie wrap up 2017 by giving a recap of all the great events and growth that happened at Compass this year!

Career Series | Uniforms

Too sexy for your shirt? In this vlog, Eric and Sadie talk about uniforms and why they are an important part of our everyday operations here at Compass! Have a fun uniform story or experience? Be sure to share it in the comments!

Compass Careers | Life Coach

This is the first video in our new career series! Eric and Sadie share what a Life Coach is and the importance of their role in our organization!