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Cheering on Destiny

by Sadie Hess

Recently, I was given credit for the mission and vision at Compass.  Someone stated, “You must be so proud of the vision and mission of this company.”  I smiled and nodded, but with a little guilt, as I don’t deserve the recognition.  Yes.  They are my words.  I had an idea of what was possible.  I dared to believe an organization could be both excellent and person centered.  I had an idea of Dreams, Direction and Destiny being achievable for every person with disabilities, but I don’t do the hard work every day.


I am not the one who has gone on eight different adventures this year from magicians in Reno to giraffes on a safari.  I am not the one who hauled wheelchairs out in the sand so a client could feel the sand between their toes.  I am not the one who has dressed clients up for prom or helped a client get his driver’s license.  I have not walked a client into her first day of school or sat through her graduation.  It was my staff who made the Dreams come to life.


I am not the one who gets up early or goes to bed late to make sure a client is turned so no bed sores form.  Nor do I call a client multiple times to make sure he is ready for an important appointment.  I don’t sit with a person all night in the ER just so she isn’t alone.  I don’t listen to the same question twenty times because he can’t wait to see his family coming for a visit.  I don’t brush teeth, change briefs or prompt medication.  My staff are the ones who walk out the Direction every single day.


You see, dreams and direction are the part we can actually do– Destiny is who our clients become.  They become active members of their community.  They chose to live alone or live with a roommate.  They choose to get married or live with their partner.  They chose to be vegetarian or a good ole meat eater.  The Destiny is the part where staff and I sit on the sidelines and cheer.  We cheer when they become a graduate, a driver, a spouse, a friend, a janitor or business owner.  We watch destiny happen every day.  It is that sacred moment when a person finds where they belong and inhabits their rightful place in the world.  So, I don’t do that either.  I only watch it happen.  Amazed at bravery of our clients.  Inspired by the dedication of our staff.


Thanks to each and every one of you who carry with your own two hands the Dreams and the Direction so Destiny can happen.

One response to “Cheering on Destiny

  1. So very well said Sadie! This brings me to tears.
    Such love and dedication this company has to the mission. There’s nothing better in life than to see someone find their place and thrive. I love working for Compass for this very reason.

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