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The Social Media Connection

By Aaron Zint #ifyoucanreadthissentencethenyouareprobablyusedtoreadinghashtags Grounded in a Hurricane Your connection with other people will keep you grounded in a hurricane, whole on the chopping block and sane in a crazy world. A hundred years ago our friend options were confined to our family circle or the fifteen square miles around us. Cars and phones expanded…

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How to REALLY Achieve Your Goals

by Aaron Zint Have you ever had a really great idea, but the demand of your normal life kept you from making it happen? Join the club. This is a problem not just in our personal lives but in the business realm as well, and the book The 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX) was written…

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Caregiving Super Power

By Aaron Zint I recently set up a booth at a job fair at CSU Chico as part of my recruiting strategies and the number one question I was asked by college graduates was, “What degree do you need to be in this field/industry?” And I would tell them, “Honestly, the type of degree or…

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Emotional Health & Finances Pt. 3

In this final video of our finance series our Payroll Coordinator Aaron talks about the importance of loving ourselves when it comes to our finances. Check out the whole series here.

Emotional Health & Finances Pt. 2

If you missed part one of our series on emotional health and finances watch it here! Today we are sharing part two of the new Finance Series where Aaron answers the question, “What do my beliefs have to do with my finances?” Stay tuned for part 3 of this series!

Emotional Health & Finances

In this video Aaron, our Payroll Coordinator, talks about the importance of our emotional health as it relates to finances. Stay tuned as we start our latest finance series! Aaron will continue to share more on growing in financial health.

Languages of Appreciation

By Aaron Zint Love Languages Imagine a Brazilian man who only speaks Portuguese, is trying to say, “I love you very much!” to a Chinese woman who only speaks Mandarin. She will probably have no idea what he is talking about and may even be frightened by the demonstrative way he’s saying it, if he’s…

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An Evening with Temple Grandin

By Aaron Zint Geek Out On February 22, 2018, I got to geek out and see a real-life celebrity in person at the Cascade Theater, right here in Redding, California. Compass saved a block of seats and I was in the second row; so close I could see the lines on her face, the detailed…

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Thanks-for-nothing Giving

by Aaron Zint Archaeologists have recently discovered new evidence behind the real first Thanksgiving.  Apparently some petrified turkey was unearthed off the New England coast, and with the help of carbon dating, it was found to be overcooked and dry at the time of preparation.  From the fossilized footprints near the site of the turkey,…

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Grown-Ups Can See the Future

Marshmallow If you give a child a marshmallow and tell them that they can eat it or wait five minutes to get two marshmallows, prepare yourself for some humor. It’s as if time and space screech to a halt and the only thing that matters to that child is the marshmallow in front of them….

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