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A Fighting Spirit

By Alice Byer

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Ms. Linda! Ms. Linda lives in Pinole, California with her live-in staff. Linda is a private person who is very cautious about who she shares her life with. However, when I told her I wanted to share with the community the incredible woman she is, she instantly smiled.

A Sassy Spirit

Ms. Linda has faced many health problems this past year, resulting in her losing physical strength; however, this has not diminished her spirit. After all, one of the things that makes Linda shine is her infectious laugh and smile. Once you meet Linda, you will instantly realize how sassy and feisty she is. She is witty and sharp with her comebacks! That is not to say Linda doesn’t have a big heart – during holiday gatherings you can find her playing and laughing with the children.

Beauty Queen

Linda also takes pride in her appearance and loves getting her hair and nails done. Linda is very fashionable and never fails to look her best around her guests. During Linda’s health struggles, her staff organized in-home beauty services so Linda could continue to feel herself. An easy way to make Linda smile is to compliment her!

Accomplishing Goals

This year marks a year of many accomplishments and dreams (see related post on dreams). Linda will be celebrating her 60th birthday in April and has been working extremely hard towards her dream of going to the beach. She has been bed bound for much of 2022, however this year she received a Hoyer lift which greatly improved her mobility. It had been raining the entire week, but the day her Hoyer arrived there were blue skies – and the first thing Linda did was make a beeline outside to enjoy the fresh weather.

Making Strides

Little by little, with the help of her excellent life guide, Theresa, and physical therapists, she has slowly been fighting her way back to strength. In the past month, Linda made incredible strides when she took several steps and attended her first in-person medical appointment in over a year. Although Linda is not out of the woods yet she has a fighting spirit and I am very excited to see Linda continue to improve her strength. She is a shining example of resiliency.


One response to “A Fighting Spirit

  1. That’s amazing I’m so happy you were able to get through this all with a strong spirit im proud of you congratulations
    You inspire me I’m having a lot of medical issues to but I’m not able to figure out how to come out with a smile yet you really help me see there is a way thank you Linda

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