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Leader Spotlight: Josh

In this leadership spotlight we are shining our light on Joshua Flom.  He has been with Compass since 2011 and has worked in ILS as well as SLS.  So, he is not new to Compass but was recently promoted to Senior Case Facilitator, a brand new position.  We thought we would take this opportunity to put Josh on the spot and ask him all the mind boggling questions we have been dying to know.  Here it is folks…

***UpdateJosh Flom is now the Regional Manager of the Far North region.  You can find Josh’s bio here.

Tell us about how you got into this line of work?

Prior to coming to Compass, I had spent many years serving in the restaurant arena and had wanted to transition into a career where supporting and developing people and their potential was my focus.  I came to Compass on my road to self-discovery. At the time I was going through my Bachelors of Psychology at Simpson University and a friend of mine had recommended that I come check out Compass so that I could obtain more experience in my desired field of work.  I was ambitious and excited to serve and was ready to change the world; but little did I know that in the weeks, months, IMG_0262and years to come that these new people in my life would dramatically change my heart and cause me to fall in love with people on a whole new level.  I had only anticipated staying for six months and couldn’t see myself anywhere else.  In August, I will have been at Compass for 4 years.  Now, I jump at every chance to serve our clients and our community and continue to serve our company as a whole.  My continued heart at Compass is to see others and myself grow and to have a positive impact.

 As the new Senior Case Facilitator, what are you most excited about?

I am most excited to serve with excellence!  I want to see Social Work viewed as one of the greatest professions around.  As well, I think that with greater influence there comes a greater level of commitment and responsibility to others.  My hope is to see people function and operate in their fullest potential as a staff and as a client.  I am excited to be a strength to the team and bring connection across the board for all areas of Compass and to partner with improving systems and services in the state of California.  I look forward to serving Compass in a greater capacity and seeing our mission statement fulfilled and seeing people in our community succeed!

 What lessons has your work life taught you?

I have learned so many lessons and matured through the countless experiences I have had, but most importantly my work here has taught me the value of community!  I have always loved people, but not always known the value they have for me as an individual.  I am liked for who I am, not for who I could be.  I’ve come to know that people love me, support me, and stand with me no matter what.  I have been valued more than I have felt I could ever have deserved!  I am learning daily how to value people on a deeper level the more I get to serve our community of staff and clients!

 You have been with Compass for a few years.  How have you seen Compass grow in your time here? 

IMG_3889Compass has the hugest heart.  I have seen the generosity of Eric and Sadie transfer into the offices, the clients, and the staffs as a whole. I have seen sacrifice and generosity on so many levels.  I have seen geographical lines and cost be no problem, I have seen clients serve other clients, I have seen staff pour out their heart for those they serve, and I have seen so many personal dreams supported and come true.  We believe in each other for greater potential.  Our community continues to take on impossible situations to improve the quality of life for those around us and for those that we serve. 

 What do you do to keep yourself positive and motivated when you are having a challenging work day?

I don’t think I know a world without me being positive and motivated to have a fun day.  Haha, but really 🙂 .  I love play and I love fun.  These are qualities that have been celebrated in me. On top of that, positivity is one of my top 5 strengths in Strength Finders.  When I am having a tough day, I connect with those around me and enjoy them for them.  I read the success stories or encouraging notes that others have given to me and remind myself why I am here.  I am here because I love people.  People succeeding in life motivates me to continue on.

 Tell me some of your favorite memories/stories from your time at Compass

This one is not a fair question, haha!  I have so many favorite memories.   I love traveling to all the corners of the company.  I have enjoyed every single client that I was able to serve in their own home.  I loved seeing staff and clients rally together in IMG_4557Sacramento to advocate our client funding and services.  I love the community and family dynamic in the offices and in the field.  I love our staff and the generosity and honor they show.  I love the trainings, the dreams, the goals, the hard work, and the connection.  I love that when events are done, we hang out because we value each other greatly and we are family.

 What is something that you are really proud of that you have accomplished at Compass?

When I started at Compass, I was an ILS instructor.  Michele Gilbertson, our ILSM, asked me what my heart was here at Compass.  I told her I wanted to serve the company as a whole, and not just in the Redding office.  Since then, I have worked in every office in some form or capacity and served in the homes of clients in East Bay, Redding, TehamaIMG_0281, Siskiyou, and South Bay. 

 What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

Most people don’t know that I delivered my third son and I think that would be a surprise for them to learn that fact about me.

What is a quote or saying that is inspiring you right now?

There are a lot of sayings or quotes I like.  I am motivated by the hope in the statement, “The best is yet to come!”  This is especially meaningful since we are coming up on our 20 year anniversary, and it has been an awesome adventure up to today.  As well, I have been heavily inspired and motivated by the support, words, and encouragement that I have received from my team and my supervisors.


Have any of your own questions for you Josh?  Ask your questions below!  


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