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Nurse Jamie’s Favorite Things

  1. Garbanzo Beans 2. Mediterranean Hummus  3. Ready to Eat Lentils 4. Lentil Soup 5. Coconut Milk   Find more of Jamie’s posts here.

Taking Out The Trash

Fascinating Designs The human body is one of the most complex and fascinating designs in all the world. With no planning on our part, a multitude of processes are taking place inside us throughout the day and night to cleanse and renew our organs. Wouldn’t we love it if our homes cleaned themselves while we…

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Fast Food Fast

Why is losing weight so hard? It seems simple enough, right? Eat less and move more. Yet for many of us, it’s just not that simple.  When it comes to losing weight, there are many roadblocks affecting our success. Maybe becoming aware of those blocks may help us exert a more conscious effort to overcome…

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8. Compass Renaissance | Healthy You

And we’re back!  It’s been a few weeks and we’ve missed you!  Eric and Sadie are back on the VLOG to talk about Healthy You!   HEALTHY YOU EXAMPLE  Compass is going through a Renaissance, find more info about that here.  You can also go check out Renaissance Post #2, #3, #4,  #5,  #6. and #7.

Brain and Body Exercise

You have likely heard many physical benefits of exercise from strengthening your body to preventing disease. Did you know it also helps your brain? Feel Good Chemicals Physical activity has been proven by multiple studies to reduce fatigue, increase relaxation and energy, improve alertness, help you concentrate and help you sleep. It also increases production…

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Prepare For The Worst and Expect The Best

Why is it important to stay prepared? Now, we all know the importance of creating an emergency plan for your home. But how many of us have created one? How many of us have one? And how many emergency plans in America are collecting dust and spiders as we speak? According to US Dept. of…

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Over The Counter And Through The Woods

Over the counter and through the woods to your pharmacist’s house we go?  I think I am mixing stories up?  Let’s just talk about over the counter medications for now… Why do our clients need prescriptions for medications they could purchase over the counter (OTC)? Does the doctor really to give them permission to take…

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The Nitty Gritty: Independent Clients and Medication Administration

What do I do if my client takes medications when I am not there? Your client may have a unique situation so make sure to check in with your supervisor if you have questions. A Few General Guidelines: The only time you are not responsible for a client’s medications is when he/she has signed a…

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The Good News of Medication Management

****May is Medication Month!  Join us as we celebrate Medication Management and take a deeper look into the in’s and out’s of Medications.  Who says Medication Management can’t be fun There are quite a few people involved in a client receiving his or her medications like doctors, nurses, pharmacies, hospitals, delivery services and more.  Anyone…

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Medication Month: Why So Much Paper?

May is Medication Month!  Join us as we celebrate Medication Management and take a deeper look into the in’s and out’s of Medications.  Who says Medication Management isn’t fun? Do you ever wonder why we have you fill out paperwork and we want it to be exact? Well, have you ever played Telephone? It’s when…

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