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Fast Food Fast

By Sheri Wittmer, ILS Manager and Health Coach Why is losing weight so hard? It seems simple enough, right? Eat less and move more. Yet for many of us, it’s just not that simple.  When it comes to losing weight, there are many roadblocks affecting our success. Maybe becoming aware of those blocks may help…

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Gratitude: The Art of Thankfulness

      “Even though my parents raised my siblings and myself to be thankful for our many blessings, I did not truly understand the concept of gratitude until I traveled through the pain and experience of loss.”   When I was a teenager, my Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I knew it was…

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The Compass Renaissance // VLOG Update #8 with CEO & CFO

THE COMPASS RENAISSANCE UPDATE #8 HEALTHY YOU And we’re back!  It’s been a few weeks and we’ve missed you!  Eric and Sadie are back on the VLOG to talk about Healthy You!                     HEALTHY YOU EXAMPLE  Compass is going through a Renaissance, find more info about…

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Brain and Body Exercise

    You have likely heard many physical benefits of exercise from strengthening your body to preventing disease. Did you know it also helps your brain? Physical activity has been proven by multiple studies to reduce fatigue, increase relaxation and energy, improve alertness, help you concentrate and help you sleep. It also increases production of…

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