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Thriving in a World of Service, Sports, and Fur Parenthood

By Terrah Starling, ILS Life Coach

Brent is a great model of  independence and fulfillment. He is a four time cancer and stroke survivor. Diagnosed at 18-years-old, he has had quite the health journey. Daily, Brent works on his health and wellness by keeping track of his doctor appointments, following the advice and instruction of his physicians, and making sure he is scheduling and is on time for all of his appointments. Due to his hard work and diligence, he has been in remission for 6 years.

Busy Helping Others

Brent spends his spare time helping others. This is how he is able to exercise his skill in community resource awareness. If you have ever caught a flight from San Jose or San Francisco airport, it’s possible you and your bags were checked in by compass’ own Brent Portman. For seven years he has dedicated Fridays to San Francisco airport. Mondays he’s at the San Jose airport and has been there for 12 years! Thursdays he maintains the front desk at Stanford hospital and is on the emergency room board. He is also an advocate for people with disabilities.


Brent is a sports connoisseur, baseball being his favorite sport. During the summer, he enjoys spending time with the little ones, coaching the junior giants baseball team. When he isn’t coaching, he checks in the players when they arrive to the field.

And Animals

Brent doesn’t only help people. He has a love for animals and has been a volunteer for 16 years at the ARF Animal Rescue Foundation. There he helps by walking the dogs and looking after the cats. Did I mention he is also a full-time fur dad? He cares for his service Shih Tzu, Milly. No matter what, his service dog, Milly, is by his side. Somehow with his busy schedule, he has also managed to find love. He adores his girlfriend of one year, Allison, who supports him in everything he does. Brent is putting his best foot forward to meet his goals with Compass, and is doing an excellent job doing just that.

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