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Meet Jonas: The Life of the Party!

If you are looking for the funny, outgoing, loving, life of the party, teddy bear type, Jonas is your man! He is a very sweet person who always wants to put a smile on the faces of those around him. He also works hard at achieving his own goals while encouraging others to achieve theirs.  Jonas has become a master chef, making anything from pizza to egg casseroles. He makes his own list of the items he needs to purchase at the store and can shop with very minimal assistance from his Life Coach.

His Most Proud Achievement

He recently started playing basketball once a week with friends and the group has now grown to almost a dozen people! Out of all his achievements he is most proud of his ability to stand up for himself and share his feelings. He has had a hard time in the past expressing how he feels, but he is now able to do that, especially when it comes to his roommate. This change in behavior has significantly improved their relationship.

A Cat Mural

Jonas also attends a day program where he has started focusing on improving his painting knowledge and skills. He recently was given the opportunity to paint a mural of a cat playing drums that hangs in the Fort Bragg downtown area! Jonas has big dreams he still wants to accomplish which include getting his driver’s license. He is currently taking online practice tests as well as doing behind the wheel driving in parking lots with his mom.

So Proud

After all the improvements Jonas has made to his life by putting his mind to it, I know nothing will stop him from achieving this goal as well! I am so proud of him and look forward to seeing the growth and changes he will make over the coming year!

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