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A Bright Light

By Brittanie Foster

Movie Fan

Liz, an ILS client, has always strived to be as independent as possible and within the last year, she has made huge changes in her life to achieve just that! She moved into her own apartment where she can live life and create her own personal space with all the things she loves. She is a fan of movies and has well over 500 in her home which she is very proud of!

Senior Center Volunteer

Liz also regularly volunteers at the Senior Center in Ukiah. During her time at the Senior Center, she oversees the senior socials which often includes Ice Cream! Liz is very particular about making sure the event table is set up, decorated, and ready for each of the residents to enjoy. She is also very close with her family and has goals of becoming an IHSS worker so she can care for her mom as well as one day becoming a caregiver with Compass.

Shining Bright

Liz is a bright light who always makes those around her smile and laugh. We are so lucky to have been a part of all the growth Liz has made this last year and cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for her. She is a wonderful client, and a sweet human with a big heart! We are all so incredibly proud of you!

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