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Open Your Gifts

By Cassandra Sales

When we make a commitment to someone who really matters to us, we always show up. We are the first to stay late if needed, show up even when we are tired or stressed, or go above and beyond for the ones we love most. But, we are the first to not do those exact things for ourselves. If you wouldn’t break a promise to your best friend, why would you break one to yourself? We do that so often when it comes to dreams. Oh, I’ll start the fitness program next week, or I’ll save the money next year to travel. We have convinced ourselves that we are too busy showing up for others that we don’t have the time to show up for ourselves. As a result, we sacrificing the world seeing our gifts come to life.

Open Your Own Gift

On Christmas morning, regardless of our age, we are excited to open our gifts. But, we often don’t open our own gifts and talents with that same excitement, hope or possibility. What if your gift is the key that unlocks the magic of someone else? What if it’s what is needed for this world to change?


If you are anything like me, you get a lot of packages delivered to you by the friendly UPS Driver in your area. Those deliveries were made possible because two teenage boys had a $100 loan and wanted to to make a difference by helping others in the community in 1907. Over a hundred years ago, two teenage boys started what is now the largest package delivery company in the world. Their dream changed the world. They had the courage to believe in their dreams, and as a result you and I benefit.

My Personal Dream

My personal dream I am working on is getting my motorcycle license. It’s a fun way for me to be able to completely present and free from distractions when I take road trips. I get the privilege of going down to Harley Davidson in Chico for a weekend class. Harley Davidson is synonymous with extraordinary motorcycles, you really can’t think of a motorcycle without thinking of a Harley. While that may be where Harley Davidson is today, the first one was made in a 10 x 15 foot backyard shed. A man and his dream to create changed the face of transportation today.

The Dream Inside You

What dream lives inside of you? Imagine the life you could live and the lives you could change if you fully believed in that dream. Perhaps you want to create, write, build, or inspire regardless of how big or small your dream it is has value and Compass you are valued. We want to pour into your dreams and help to see them propel you into all for which you are destined. When’s the last time you talked about your dream out loud? The next time you meet with your supervisor or peers talk about it, speak it into existence, and let others walk alongside you as you go after it.

Take the First Step

We are all here because one 20 something year old future leader had the vision that those with intellectual disabilities deserved honor, freedom and most of all choice. Imagine how different so many lives would have been had she not gone for it. What’s your “it”? Take the first step towards it today.

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