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Darlene, Everyone’s Friend

By Ethan Wulfestieg

Just like an Old Friend

Darlene recently started Compass SLS services. She has been absolutely thriving and partnering with staff with everything she does. Everyone only has positive things to say about Darlene. She wants to be everyone’s friend. Darlene will introduce herself to anyone if she gets the chance. She treats you like an old friend and greets you with a big smile. Staff go out of their way to see Darlene, with some even asking if they can take her out to dinner on their days off, just because they love spending time with her so much.

Yes, I’ll Come

Darlene has been focusing on making friends in her apartment complex. She has been going over to other Compass clients’ apartments near her and creating new friendships. Darlene has been invited to several dinner parties in other apartment complexes. Darlene never turns down an invitation for something social and will go to anything and everything she can. Darlene has been working with staff to get her out in the community more and to go places she has not been before. Darlene has had the life goal of going on a trip to Hawaii and she is currently trying to make that dream happen. She met a new friend that shares the same goal and they are planning on accomplishing this dream together.

Compass Social Butterfly

Darlene is an active part of the Compass community as well as participating in every Compass event that is held. When Darlene attended the St. Patrick’s Day party, she introduced herself to just about everyone she saw and made a point of making new friends. Another goal of hers was to participate in the Carville retreats. Darlene is so excited to make new friends on these retreats and has already signed up for two! Darlene is an amazing asset to the Compass community and it is truly a joy to have her as a part of our community. We look forward to seeing her flourish in SLS. If you ever see Darlene, make sure you say hello and introduce yourself.



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