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Never Change, Jeff!

By Ana Ceja

Practically Famous

Jeff, one of our amazing clients, was born in Los Angeles County and moved to San Francisco as a young boy. Later, Jeff moved to Willits, CA in the early 2000s with his family. After the passing of his parents, Jeff ventured out on his own. He started living independently in his own one-bedroom apartment. Jeff learned many life skills and took care of himself. He even developed a huge Circle of Support. Jeff was practically famous in Willits . Jeff absolutely loved his freedom and life in this community.

Sudden Change

However, one day, that all changed with the snap of his fingers. Jeff found himself in a Skilled Nursing Facility in Sonoma County due to his declining health. At this time, Compass offered Jeff a new journey in life through our SLS program. This transition was a big change and learning curve for Jeff. Jeff was now living in Ukiah with a roommate and surrounded by new people. Jeff had to learn how to best partner with his staff. This was a balance of doing things slightly differently while maintaining his voice of independence.

Sadness to Smiles

What was once a sad moment in Jeff’s life turned into an opportunity to pursue bigger dreams with Compass. As time went by, Jeff started to openly socialize more with his staff. Jeff continues to visit his hometown twice a week and is now making a community in Ukiah.

All the Things Jeff Loves

Jeff loves Marilyn Monroe, Elves, Jazz music, Frank Sinatra, and watching the Disney Channel. Jeff loves decorating his room with a variety of posters. Last year, Jeff went to our Compass Carville Retreat for the first time, and he loved it! He can’t wait to go again this year. He is also going to our Backyard Retreat in San Francisco. Jeff is so excited to go back after so many years. Jeff has grown to love meeting new people through Compass events and activities.

Unique Jeff

Jeff is a wonderful example of overcoming the valleys of life. Jeff exemplifies partnership with Compass while maintaining his voice of independence. Overall, Jeff is an incredibly unique guy that is full of life! I am so proud of who Jeff is becoming. Never change, Jeff! We love you!

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