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Inspire Innovation, Be You

By Sadie Hess

Kid’s Choice

If you keep yourself well versed in the Hess Family adventures, you may be aware we are about to have our second, our son Ryan, graduate from high school!  We will have only one left at home (she is a freshman, so not many years left there either).  They say it goes fast, but it doesn’t truly describe the lightning speed of life.  We decided to take a trip with each one of our kids—their choice.  We would go on a journey which purely represented them and their interests.  Our first daughter chose NYC and seeing Broadway plays.  It was a beautiful trip where we saw Hamilton, ate at Shake Shack, and saw Times Square.  We spent way too much at the M & M store!

Cody Fry

Our son?  He chose Michigan…why you may ask?  It seemed a bit odd on the surface, but he had a clever plan.  One of his favorite artists, Cody Fry, was going to be there performing with the Ann Arbor Orchestra.  If you haven’t heard of Cody Fry, I encourage you to look him up. He is this incredibly talented young man who composes and arranges orchestra pieces to more modern music.  He arranged Eleanor Rigby (originally a Beatles song) and was nominated for a Grammy for his performance.

Atypical Passion

At the concert, he told a story which struck and inspired me.  I stopped in the middle of the concert to write a note for this newsletter.   He told how the movie LaLaLand (a quirky new generation musical) changed the trajectory of his career.  He had been composing and writing music for a while but wasn’t gaining much traction.  He walked out of the movie written and directed by Damien Chazelle and had an epiphany—your vision may be atypical, but if it is your passion, others will likely relate to it.  You will find your people.  He decided to focus more on his real love—symphony music arranged in a new and more modern style.  He wrote the song “I Hear a Symphony.”   It went on to be #2 on the US Viral 50 chart.  His point was this, when you see someone do something different and their passion comes through, it inspires others to do the same. It generates a ripple effect of creativity, passion, and innovation.


This is the kind of originality I want at Compass.  I desire people who have something that makes them unique, special, different to step out and BE.  I want each irreplaceable person with their exceptional passion to do what makes their heart beat faster.   Show us all a new way to walk or new song to sing.

A Season of Innovation

And in doing so, you will arouse a passion in another– igniting an additional innovation.  When Damien Chazelle made his movie, he had no idea it would inspire Cody Fry.  He just wanted to do something he loved with his own interpretation.  We have more art because an artist lived his story.  I believe we are in a season of innovation and new things here at Compass.  I need innovators to rise to the surface.  You be you and let us all see it.    You never know when you will inspire the next new thing.  Together, we will become the symphony of the future.

Cody Fry “I Hear a Symphony” lyrics

With simple songs I wanted more
Perfection is so quick to bore
You are more beautiful by far
Our flaws are who we really are


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