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Achieving Excellence

By. Shannon Laird

Achieving Excellence

I would like to highlight my ILS client Nick. He has been with Compass since 2013 and lives in the bay area. Nick has been at his current job since 2017 working in retail. Nick Also attends Cal State Eastbay
and will be graduating with his BA in Psychology in May!

Something to Keep You Thinking

In his spare time, Nick enjoys playing video games and cooking. He likes having deep conversations about the state of the world and human nature. Nick is extremely friendly and enjoys the company of others, he loves to laugh and more than that, he loves making others laugh.

A Little More About Nick

An interesting fact about Nick is he is able to read upside down. His favorite color is blue, and he loves photography. He has extensive knowledge about random facts, like the stripes on a tiger are not on his fur but actually on their skin, similar to zebras. He has a great eye for matching colors and has been told that he is a great gift-giver. Nick is a pleasure to work with, he is so kind and has respect for people and it shows through his conversation and the way he treats others.

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