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Four Time Cancer Survivor

By. Anna Levine-Beard


Meet Brent

Brent is the kind of person everyone would like to meet and would like to be! He is empathetic, kind, funny, smart, and loves to give back to his community. Brent’s smile lights up the room! Brent grew up in Seattle and Southern California, and now we are lucky to have him here in our area, Silicon Valley.


Four Time Cancer Survivor

Brent’s passion is being of service to others. His relationships with others bring him a lot of satisfaction. He is a survivor of cancer four times and has had four strokes, but he doesn’t let that hold him back. He volunteers nearly every day. He has been helping out at an animal rescue organization called ARF in the East Bay for 16 years. He volunteers at the information booth at the San Jose Airport. He volunteers at the USO veteran’s services at the San Francisco Airport. One day a week he volunteers at Stanford Hospital directing people where to go and greeting them. He has a deep love for sports and religiously attends Stanford games and all of the SF Giants home games, as well as some Oakland A’s games. Brent is close to his mom and stepdad and highly values the connections of a family.



Brent is very independent. He lives by himself and walks all over. He takes the Caltrain to Giant’s games in the city. He shops for his own groceries. He coaches a Junior Giants kids baseball team and has won several awards for being such a great coach and role model. Brent has been looking for an emotional support dog for a couple of years now. He recently got a new Shih Tzu puppy named Milly. He is showering his devotion to her, and she loves to cuddle with her new owner. Brent and his coach have been working on finding a trainer to help her become a service dog to support him. We are so excited for Brent’s future with Milly, he is already a great dog dad!


Bravest Person We Know

Brent is excited to join the Compass community and to meet new friends, get exercise, and focus on his health. We love how enthusiastic he is about approaching challenges. Brent is one of the bravest people we know, and we are so proud of him for facing challenges with optimism and heart.

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