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Stubborn Passion

By Stephanie DiPiero


Have you ever met someone with passion, drive, ambition, and determination to succeed in all areas of his life? I would like to introduce Dakota; he is one of those amazing people who exudes these qualities. He is generous, kind, energetic, highly motivated and extremely intelligent. Dakota has been a Compass client for 7 years. He Lives with his mom, stepdad and their 3 dogs and 4 cats. Dakota helps his mom with chores around the house as well as her rental properties. He has been working at Gaumer’s Jewelry for 7 years and his second job, By the River Assisted Living, for nearly a year and a half.

Never Give Up

Dakota holds an associate degree in general studies from Shasta College and most recently has been accepted into the Chico State Nursing Program for Fall 2023. If that is not enough, he has applied to the Simpson College Nursing Program, as well. He wants options to choose which college to attend. Dakota’s passion to succeed is apparent in that he failed his Statistics class 3 times at Shasta College, but that did not stop him. He took the class the fourth time at Butte College and passed it with a B+!

Fun and Generosity

When he is not working or going to college, Dakota is having fun attending dance classes and community dances. Yes, I said dance! This guy does ballroom dancing, square dancing, line dancing, the east coast swing, country swing and that is just a few to mention. Dakota is an assistant teacher for some of these classes as well. He also takes Aikido, a type of Jujitsu class. Dakota dabbles in art, but his favorite is physical art. If that is not enough, he enjoys taking care of his fur buddies. He has a passion for making cakes and other baked goods. Dakota sees his Life Coach once or twice per week. He donates platelets twice a month and has recently started dating. He has exceptional time management skills.

No Limits

Dakota’s future dreams are to go into the military. As you may have guessed, he scored high on his ASVAB test which opens his military choices. Dakota is also interested in learning how to speak Welsh. This inspiring young man has no limits to what he can do or sets his mind to. I asked Dakota how he stays focused on his dreams. He said, “I am passionate and stubborn with accomplishing my goals”.




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