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Compass Strat Planning Team does Cancun!

By Sadie Hess

A 7 Year Commitment

Compass has a group of individuals who have signed up for a 7-year commitment to our Strategic planning team. I feel very honored and privileged to have a group of people so dedicated to Compass’ mission and vision. We ask them to sign up for a seven-year commitment to the organization. This allows Eric and I to lean into the process of dreaming and strategically planning the future of Compass with these individuals. We have had a very successful 6 years as a team, despite the pandemic. When this group of people signed up, they didn’t know a pandemic was ahead of us and all the obstacles and challenges we would face, and they didn’t waiver in their commitment to Compass. It felt so cathartic to come together to play and celebrate after such an eventful 6 years.

Kick off to Rest

We are in our 6th year and in the 7th year we will rest. Because we work with individuals who don’t get to take a break from their disabilities, we don’t get to take a break from our line of work. However, we will take a year of resting from aggressive strategic planning—we will only finish all the things we started in the previous 6 years. We are planning on some fun things this year to enjoy a year of rest as an organization—Cancun was a kickoff to our year of rest.

It was time with individuals who have committed to being with us long term. This group of leaders inspires us and walks beside us daily, they encourage and dream with us. It is an honor and privilege that they say yes for 7 years. Some of the members have been on the Strat Planning Team for almost 14 years now and it was their second time in Cancun with us! It is extra special to have those individuals alongside us, still committed to planning the destiny of Compass.

Sun and Fun

We enjoyed pool time and margaritas together, sunshine and sand! As a group, we had a day we went out on a catamaran and enjoyed the open waters and salty air. We laughed, we ate, we rested together. One of my favorite events was a banquet dinner with our team and their families.  We pulled off the ultimate prank of getting the husbands and boyfriends to wear the same shirt to dinner without knowing until they got there. Lots of laughter and shocked faces ensued. It was comical perfection, and all the guys took it like champs. We ate together and reflected on the last 6 years. We talked about our accomplishments and celebrated with each other. It was enlightening for our family members to hear all we have been working on these last 6 years. We ended the night with Karaoke, which all the kids loved and participated in with excitement.

Family Time

We invite families because we know our line of work requires lots of support from your family. It was so fun to close our Cancun trip with a fun family atmosphere. If there is one thing Compass is known for it is our ability to celebrate family and come together as a community. I am so honored that this is my community.


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  1. It was one of my top 5 favorite trips ever! Thank you for loving and blessing us so well!

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