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Enjoying Life

By. Cindy Garcia

Come Get to Know Angela

Angela was born in Kansas but spent most of her childhood living with her family in Silicon Valley. Then as an adult, she moved into residential care until 2009. Angela was very eager for her independence and insisted on a more private lifestyle. As a result, she was referred to Supported Living Services and onboarded to Compass in 2009. Angela was unsure if supporting living was the right decision because she feared being alone. Yet, she took the leap toward her freedom and has not looked back.


Here are a Few of my Favorite Things

During her time with Compass, Angela has grown to be a spunky, fiery woman full of emotions. She does not hold back and is not afraid of advocating for herself. When I first met Angela about two years ago, I enjoyed her confidence. I loved how silly she was and how she allowed herself to trust in me. As I grew to understand her, she was very trusting of those who treated her with respect and dignity. Angela loves to have fun and to be included in activities of her interest. Her favorite activities include coloring, crocheting, watching the giants, her tv soaps, and most important Disney Land trips. As you join Angela’s circle, be prepared to receive a ginormous crocheted blanket that will defiantly keep you warm throughout the winter and stacks of colored pages!


Overcoming Obstacles 

This last year, Angela hit a rough patch and faced some challenges. A longtime staff of 10 years whom she had considered family, left her team abruptly for medical reasons. This caused Angela to go into a depression and hit an all-time low for her. She began to be extremely anxious through the days, thus triggering more frequent seizures and leading to other issues. Her seizures and falls led to her needing brain surgery. Angela began to think she was going to lose her independence and started to lose hope. Her team reminded her how strong she was and how she can overcome these obstacles. Slowly, with the support of her team, she began to believe in herself, getting stronger every day. Medically, Angela is doing better than she was previously. Although she is still recovering, she is back to enjoying her life and doing what she loves. Angela is an inspiration! We are so grateful to be a part of her world!

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