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New Homeowner

By. Leslie Henry


Homeowner Dreams

Homeownership generally makes 1 of the top 10 goals most acquire to achieve. Our clients are no

Compass clients Kimberly Ferguson and David Oliver who have been together since 1983, desperately wanted a larger space to call their own. No neighbors above them making noise at all hours, and no parking lot chaos. No high school alarms ring several times a day, seven days a week. Just what we all seek in a home. Peace and comfort. Although this darling couple knew exactly what they wanted, they did not know how to go about finding that place. In comes Compass Life Coach Christine Morris-Black. Chris had been assisting Kimmy and David with support services for a very long time. She knew Kimmy and David as well as their families. Chris saw her clients through their parents’ loss and helped them navigate Independent Living services and all that encompasses.

One of the long-standing ISP goals Kimmy and David shared was to find a larger apartment. They had long outgrown their apartment space-wise. Although Kimmy kept their apartment tidy and welcoming, they had no room to spread out. No room for overnight guests and no break from the outside noises.


Kimmy and David drove around Redding aimlessly every chance they could looking for an open two-bedroom apartment. They would report to their Life Coaches (myself and Christine Morris) that they had checked out a place and wanted to move as soon as possible. Although Christine, and the Compass Housing Specialist and I were on the hunt for a larger space for them, one that was clean and affordable, we were having doors shut everywhere we turned. Unfortunately, the post- Covid rental market had climbed and waiting lists grew. Finding a new apartment sadly became a nearly unattainable goal. This news was heartbreaking for Kimmy and David to hear as they had their hearts set on a move. I think I can speak for the others involved in that we were also downtrodden that this dream felt like too much of a stretch now.

In 2021 Kimmy and David’s Life coach Chris stopped searching for rental homes or apartments and set her sights on a mobile home or modular that the couple could possibly rent. She reached out to Kimmy’s brother Donald and her sister-in-law Tammy, and when they joined the search — the struggle turned into a real possibility! With several trips from the Easy Bay Donald and Tammy came to search for and FOUND what would be a perfect match for Kimmy and David. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large living area, laundry room, etc. A PERFECT FIT!

A Dream Come True

Donald and Tammy undenounced to Kimmy and David that they purchased this very special couple a beautiful modular home in a clean and quiet 55 and older retirement park. Finally, they would have more room. And in a truly peaceful area where they could spend their golden years. When the paperwork came in on the new home and they furnished it beautifully, Kimmy and David were finally brought in on this life-changing surprise. A few of us from Compass were there the day they handed the keys to Kimmy and David. It’s a day I will never forget. We were all bursting with excitement for this deserving couple. David has worked very hard (30 years at Safeway), and the anxiousness Kimmy felt about living in that small cramped noisy one-bedroom apartment.

We knew they would be happy, healthy, and safe here in their new space. Most of all, we knew their
dreams had come true!!

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