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Support Through Friendship

By Ramone Tate

Meet Frank

Frank continues to amaze me with all the great things he’s doing these days. First of all, I have to mention that while most of us put on the weight during the COVID shutdown, Frank lost over 100 lbs.! And he has been able to keep it off with a healthy diet plan and exercise.

A Great Support

Frank is also a great support to his friends in the community. Frank is always willing to help out his roommate by encouraging him to do more things to help his staff understand his needs. When another client was at her wit’s end with her weight struggles, Frank offered to meet with her and talk with her, though he was quite nervous about it. He empathized with her struggles and said he too still struggles to want to eat unhealthy things like pizza and couldn’t even have it in the house. He also gave her some great tips on what she can do like portioning out her food and finding exercises she enjoys.


But what probably amazes me most about Frank is his enthusiasm to try new things. A staple in Frank’s life is in creating art through his Art Explorers day program and he has sold many pieces throughout the years. Frank has even published two children’s books!

Frank has also been working with horses for a couple of years now and was really excited to finally have the opportunity to ride one. He even volunteers at the local rodeos put on throughout the summer. He also recently joined a Special Olympics Soccer team with some of his friends. Frank loves coming to every Compass event and contributes with such enthusiasm when he attends, like when he went to the Easter Hunt party in Ukiah.

Frank loves entering anything he can like art contests through his day program or Compass and our Food Lover’s Event. Frank is also the President of our People’s First chapter and just started picking up those duties again. And did I mention that he painted me an ocean mural and made me a card for my birthday?! It is my pleasure to work with an awesome person such as Frank who proves to everyone in his life what a great friend he truly is. 

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