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Changing Seasons


By Sadie Hess, CEO

Changing Seasons: Life remains in constant and continuous motion!  Many of you are aware that Eric and I are also the owners of a scheduling software company called QuickSolvePlus.  We believe it is time for us to UNITE our vision and focus.  

We started QSP because of our own very strong felt need to have the flexibly and uniqueness of Supported Living and Independent Living captured in a software product.  We partnered with software developers in Texas and set out to make a product that would serve our Compass community, while also providing a software product to the larger California SLS and ILS community.  So, QSP serves other agencies like ours throughout the state.  We are proud of all that we have accomplished.  We not only have a software product that accounts for generic resources like In Home Supported Services (IHSS), but it also helps us manage medications, daily service notes, clocking in and out in the field, ISP goals in ILS, and many, many other important functions and duties in both Supported Living and Independent Living Services.  And we have so many wonderful ideas to better serve our clients!

It has taken us ten years to get it to this place, but we are here, in a period needing to combine all of our efforts and goals into the very big vision of Compass.  Compass has so much more to do in this season.  Our job of keeping everyone safe, as well as provide a life raft to clients as agencies decide they are too tired to go on needs to be our full-time focus. Growing with excellence and safety requires laser single-mindedness.  We have bought out all shares of QSP and are moving this powerful tool inside of Compass.  We are so very excited for this transformation for both Compass and QSP.

This may seem like some sort of semantics change, but it is much more than that!  If you live with your significant other, you deeply understand the difference between living in separate homes, and when you decide to merge your life in one central home. QSP and Compass are getting married and we couldn’t be any happier! Welcome to one big house, Compass and QSP.  It is going to be one beautiful ride! 

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  1. I believe qsp to be a good tool.. As time goes by i think it will get better and better. Updates ect. moving on up..

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