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California DD Community Makes Some Noise

We are super honored to be a part of a community that stands together to support one another as we all try and deal with the rising budget crisis!  We have been impressed by our own community as well as the community state-wide.   This year has definitely confirmed some things we already knew to be true about our community:


If you’ve been following the news and legislation surrounding the DD population in 2015, you know our message has been consistent.  We need more funding!  Frozen rates, budget cuts, and lack of funding increases have made it nearly impossible to keep up with the demands that come with cost of living, minimum wage increases and new overtime laws.  This is hurting our clients who aren’t getting the support they need and our staff who aren’t getting the wages they desperately deserve.

On December 10th, 2015, the DD community of California, from San Diego to Redding, gathered once again to raise some noise.   Below is a video clip from a demonstration our people did in Redding as well as other media coverage from demonstrations throughout the state.



San Diego- Protestors Rally in Downtown San Diego for Disability Funding Increase

Bakersfield-Protestors seek funding for developmental disability services

Fresno-Valley providers of developmental services struggling financially

Palm Springs- Desert Arc wants clients to get a raise from the state.

To learn more about what is happening and how you can get involved, check out the Lanterman Coalition. 



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