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How Full Is Your Bucket?

By  Sadie Hess

How full is your bucket?

I understand that is not your average question, but I hope it ishow-full-is-your-bucket one that we will be asking clients, staff and families as we finish this year. It all started with a book with this very title:  “How Full is your Bucket?” by author Tom Rath. Our admin team teases us that whenever we finish a book, we can’t help ourselves–we must implement in our agency something we read.  I guess there could be worse things to say about us. 🙂

So, what is this concept of a bucket, and why does it need to be full, you ask?  It is quite a
simple concept.  As you interact with people, you are doing one of two things.  You are either filling their bucket with kind words, actions, and meaningful interactions.  Or you are dipping from their bucket by doing the opposite.  We all need to feel hope, and we all need people who are pouring into our life in thoughtful ways.  We want to be a culture and community that fills up the buckets or hearts of others.  We want to be people who invest instead of take away from people.

Rapid Growth

Our organization has been in very rapid growth mode, which is exciting!  We have been adding clients to our family in all counties and regions at record numbers!  I love growth.  I live for growth.  BUT growth does have a cost, and if we are not careful, we can quickly be people who are dipping from current staff, family and client buckets unaware.  This is why I think it is perfect timing to focus on how we intentionally interact with each other in such a way as to fill each other’s buckets with compliments, words of encouragement and other heartfelt ways to give to each and every person in our family.

Hopefully you will hear about this concept, see posters, and maybe even see a shirt running around with this saying on it.  But, most importantly, I hope you “feel” this concept.  I hope the team around you consciously fills your bucket for the remainder of this year and beyond.

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