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Loyal Friends at Work

Because of Valentine’s day, many people celebrate love in February. We wanted to highlight and celebrate friendship! Everyone should have friends who love them, because friends make life rich! We’ve asked some of our staff and clients to reach out and share about their friends! In this blog, Julie shares about her friend Zandee! Loyal…

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Living in Season

By Melissa Mowat Seasons Have you ever noticed how often people say things like: “I feel this is my season to grow in this area…” or “I’m ready for a season of change in my life.”  You can interchange “life” with: job, location, relationships, etc.  You know you’ve heard them all. Just as the natural…

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Visit to Australia | Compass Stories

by Michael D. Help I remember distinctly the day that a Case Facilitator called me and asked for some help with a client. The request was pretty simple; the client (we’ll refer to her as Sheila) had not been doing too well lately and needed some “strong manly” physical lifting assistance to help transfer. She lived…

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