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Visit to Australia | Compass Stories

by Michael D.


I remember distinctly the day that a Case Facilitator called me and asked for some help with a client. The request was pretty simple; the client (we’ll refer to her as Sheila) had not been doing too well lately and needed some “strong manly” physical lifting assistance to help transfer. She lived only a few blocks away from my home, it would be easy enough to stop by on my way home and offer a few minutes to help the team out.

I’ll never forget walking into Sheila’s home for the first time. She had a sweetness about her and a twinkle in her eye that led me to believe she had a history of tales to tell. Her staff defaulted all instruction giving to Sheila; and she was more than adept at giving directions as to what she wanted. As we moved down her hallway towards the bathroom, I couldn’t miss the huge wall map of my home country, Australia. I mentioned it to Sheila, and she acknowledged having noticed my accent; along with the fact that she had a bit of an infatuation with all things “Australia”.

At the end of my visit, I spent some time chatting with Sheila. She shared her dream of one day traveling to Australia and was full of questions about places to see, what were things like there, did every animal really want to kill you…I let her know I had a coffee table photo book from my home area and asked if I could bring it on my next visit. Her eyes opened wide as she accepted my offer.

Next Visit

That next visit was full of laughs and moments of wonder as I got to take Sheila on a virtual holiday to my piece of the Land Down Under. As we finished, I offered to leave the photo book with Sheila, and pick it up when I returned next time. She said that she would like that. So I left the book on her side table, and said good bye, and left. This story has a bitter sweet ending. Little did I know, that would be the last time I would get to see Sheila. Her condition took a turn, and she passed away shortly after. I realized while she had not been able to make it to Australia, I was able to bring Australia to her. It was an honor to have had the pleasure of being Sheila’s travel companion as she shared her lifelong dream of visiting Australia.

by Michael D.

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  1. She was an awesome Person I will always remember her . She was my first client when I worked for compass many years ago but the memories I have with her will live on forever. and I still have a precious gift she gave me that hangs on my wall forever. Rip …. till we meet again God bless you .

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