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London in His Eye

By Cindy Garcia, Senior Case Facilitator

Meet Michael! He is a lively 74-year-old conversationalist who has brought a touch of joy to the South Bay region of Compass since joining us in 2022! Despite being legally blind, Michael’s optimism and determination have made him a beloved member of our Compass community. Over the past year, with the excellent support of his team, he’s not just improved his health but also his happiness and self-assurance. Since his arrival at Compass, Michael has cultivated a strong support network and has learned to advocate for his needs more effectively.

Bold Determination

One of his major goals upon joining Compass was to modify his power chair to aid in navigating it while blind. Through bold determination, he worked together with his team to integrate sensors onto his wheelchair, showcasing his resilience in tackling challenges directly. And here’s the kicker—Michael is not your average senior; he’s a radio enthusiast! With 2 amateur radio certifications under his belt, he’s always tuned into the latest frequencies or tinkering away with radios as his favorite hobby. His love for all things radio adds an extra layer of charm to his already vibrant personality!

His Big Dream

Looking forward, Michael has a big dream ahead that he’s been diligently pursuing. His goal is to explore the amazing city of London by the end of 2025, with plans to visit iconic sites like the Tower of London and indulge in afternoon tea. Michael is already imaging the thought of himself in an adorable tea room enjoying fresh tea, scones, clotted cream with jam and other delicious treats.  His enthusiasm is noticeable, reflecting the deep meaning this journey holds for him, living life to his fullest!


Despite a minor delay due to health concerns, prompting him to reschedule for the following year, Michael remains undiscouraged. He’s partnered with his team to outline a step-by-step path towards reaching his dream. Despite the hurdles faced this year, his determination is fascinating. Michael team persists with steady grit, eager on turning his dream into a reality soon. With his positive outlook and persistence, there’s every reason to believe that Michael will achieve his goal and create cherished memories in London’s fascinating city.

Ask Him His Dream

If you happen to bump into Michael, don’t hesitate to ask him about his dream goal, he will love to tell you all his hopes and dreams! We are so proud to have Michael on our Compass team and look forward to partnering with him in achieving all his dreams!














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