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Jack’s Journey

By Michael Pence, Senior Case Facilitator 

Jack started with Compass SLS in March of 2023 after originally starting with our ILS division. Jack has lived in San Jose for his entire life, and for the last 30 years has lived independently in his apartment. Jack has always been a relatively social guy, participating in sports and different community groups in his youth. But during COVID, as was the case for many, several of the social opportunities known to Jack went away and have either not come back or have not come back to their fullest effect. Additionally, Jack worked at a movie theater for over 20 years(!) but that opportunity came to an end due to COVID as well. This is where Compass stepped in and Jack stepped up!


Jack has really made a fantastic effort to reengage with his local community, including attending all available Compass events for the last several months. Jack has joined us for beach day, hiking, movie day, the zoo, ice cream socials, and office birthday parties just to name some of the events he has attended.


Jack has also taken an interest in selfimprovement during this most recent season, joining a weekly exercise class through The College of Adaptive Arts that meets at West Valley College. Jack has also enrolled in two more classes, one of which offers an online or in person attendance option. Sticking with the theme of his recent life choices, Jack chooses to attend all of those classes in person as well and has really gotten into a good rhythm with that class and his fellow classmates. As the current school semester is coming to a close, Jack is already looking at the upcoming class options for the Spring 2024 semester and will be continuing his amazing newly rekindled social enjoyment.

Attitude is Everything

At every turn, Jack has shown he can put aside any social anxiety he has about a
situation and really go all in to enjoy life’s experiences. Jack displays a welcoming attitude with all of his staff and is very accommodating and gentlemanly when they are at his home, making him a pleasure for all who interact with him. Me, as his SCF, and Compass as a whole are really looking forward to seeing Jack blossom even further in 2024!

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